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Why the Native Amozonians should have control of the Amozon

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skylar rubin

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Why the Native Amozonians should have control of the Amozon

Native Amazonians
"Native Amazonians have lived in the rain forest for about 12,000 years," There once was as many as 10 million Native people living in the Amazon, but due to the arrival of so many newcomers, the number of natives is much smaller.
Why they should have control
Native Amazonians came to the rainforest 12,000 years ago. they want to preserve the rain forest and protect their original way of life. They should have control over the Amazon for 3 main reasons, the Amazon rainforest is there homeland, the natives need the rainforest to survive, and they simply want to continue their way of life.
The Amazon is their Homeland
Let us start off by telling you a little about the Native Amazonians. They have lived in the Amazon rainforest for about 12000 years and they had survived by using the resources they had. The Native Amazonians built their homes out of bamboo covered in bananas or palm leaves and straws. They used the natural reasourses to create their clothing, tools and other things they needed. they also had a different lifestyle from what we have today. the woman were responsible for cooking, chores, growing crops, and taking care of children. while the men were hunters, fisherman and gathered the foods. The Native Amazonians never did anything to harm the rainforest and the Amazon is their homeland which they need it to survive, that is one of the reasons why they should have control the rain forest.
They need the Amazon to survive
You are probably wondering why the Native Amazonians need the Rainforest in other to survive. Well let me explain. The Amazonians live off the land and grow different types of crops, such as bananas, passion fruit, papayas, corn, manioc, beans, and finally the acacia berry. Not only did they grow crops but they also were hunters, fisherman and gathers. Although, when the resources become low, the Amazonians move to a new land where there is more to offer so they can be able to feed their families. The Amazon Rainforest provides them with resources for food, shelter, and their own place to live their lives without interference. Without the Amozon, there would be very little food and other resources the natives need to survive.
They want to continue their way of life
Enviormental groups
we understand that enviormental groups would be able to control the amazon, but we think that native Amozoinians would be a better fit because they know the land better. Unlike settlers, ranchers, rubber tappers and loggers, the natives and the enviormental groups want to perserve the amazon and keep it just the way it is so that they can continue to live there, wich is why we think that the natives should have control.
Now you know why we think it would be best for native amazonians to have control over the Amazon. first of all it is their homeland, they need the amazon to survive, they use its food and resources to live, and finally, the last reason that we believe the natives should have control over the Amazon, is because they simply want to continue their natural way of life. this is becoming hard for the amazonians to do , due to deforestation all around the amazon which is causing the natives to have to leave their homeland to make room for the farmers and ranchers. these are all the reasons that we believe the native amazonians should have control over the Amazon.
Why the Native Amazonians should
Have control over the Amazon
It's sad to learn that the Native Amazonians are losing their homes due to the many new comers. Some of the reasons why the Native Amazonians have low population is because of the deforestation in the Amazon. Many of the Amazonians have had to evacuate in other to make rooms for the farms and ranchers. Also, the goverment began building highways, which are used by the ranchers , loggers and far Not only that, but most of them have died from the diseases brought by the new comers and from fighting for their own land. All the Amazonians want is to live in their own land where they belong and are used to.
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