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Job Analysis and Hiring Decision at Ovania Chemical

No description

Kent Blevins

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Job Analysis and Hiring Decision at Ovania Chemical

Group 1
Kent Blevins
Jimmy Kingsley
Stephanie Ewart
Erin Eble
Jesse Austhof
Anne Redder Job Analysis and Hiring Decision
at Ovania Chemical Review Question 1 Summary Q: How would you go about conducting a job analysis for a job that does not yet exist?

- Use current job description as a base
- Look at similar companies equipped with the same machinery to gain perspective
- Consider the future machines and how they would be used in order to forecast the requirements needed for the future job
- Benchmarking Review Question 2 Q: What reasons did the selection committee have for selecting only those factors that could not be acquired in a two-year training program?

- Anything that could be trained will be taught to the employees on the job
- To gain "new blood" Review Question 3 Q: Should the concern for women getting down into the dirty treatment tanks have been a selection issue?

- Not specifically to just women
- There should be no gender discrimination
- BFOQ Review Question 4 Flyswatter! Q: Would this test battery and selection procedure be defensible in court

- No, because of the race and gender components - Ovania is a chemical company that specializes in plastic resins (packaging/containers)
- Competition has led them to modernize
- The company formed a committee to hire new people who will be able to handle the changing position.
-They create job tasks for the future position as well as personal qualities they feel are necessary in order to successfully carry out the job’s responsibilities.
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