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SRA FLex Literacy- Reading & Language Intervention Program

No description

Marisa Davis

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of SRA FLex Literacy- Reading & Language Intervention Program

SRA FLex Literacy- Reading & Language Intervention Program
SRA FLex Literacy
is a Reading Intervention Program
Three Learning Experiences Working Together
-Individualized Instruction
-Small Group and Differentiated Instruction
-Collaborative Learning

The Digital Experience
The Print Experience
The Project Experience
The Creators
Dr. Nancy Marchand-Martella, Ph.D., Eastern Washington University
Dr. Ron Martella, Ph.D., Eastern Washington University
Dr. Mina Johnson-Glenberg, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Dr. Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., San Diego State University
Dr. Ernest Morrell, Ph.D., Columbia University
Dinah Zike, M.Ed.
Dr. Marcia Kosanovich, Ph.D., Network of Educators
Jay McTighe
It Works...
Why does it work?

The Digital Experience...
The Print Experience...
The Project Experience...
So What Does This Look Like?



Program was implemented by McGraw-Hill in February 2013.

One last cartoon....
What I like Most...
This program was specifically designed to assist struggling readers and provide lessons to help them acheive success, specifically with the common core stanards.
Marketwired, (2013 Feb). McGraw-Hill education launches SRA FLEX literacy(TM) to help struggling students meet the common core state standards in english language arts. Marketwired website. Retrieved from: http://www.virtualizationconference.com/node/2532885

McGraw-Hill Education (2013). SRA Flex-Literacy Website. Retrieved from: http://flexliteracy.com/index.php

McGraw-Hill Education (2013). SRA Flex-Literacy Three Experiences Working Together. Retrieved from: http://www.flexliteracy.com/sampler/

The Digital Experience
Scaffolded Instruction
Invidualized Instruction
Gradual Model of Instruction

Model- Explicit Modeling
Guide- Guided Practice
Monitor- Independent Practice
Mastery Check- Assessment
Review- Maintenance
The Print Experience
Shared Reading- comprehension strategies through teacher-led shared reading lessons.

Complex Text- students experience complext text together through small group lessons.

Differentiated Instruction- uses systematic explicit instruction to acheive student mastery.
The Project Experience
Engage student Learning through collaboration

Whole Group Learning

Small Group Collaboration

Easy Classroom Management
Students progress at their own pace.

Lessons meets students' indivdiual needs.

Variety of activities to keep students engaged and interested.

Students build their own game and earn points for reinforcement.

Explicit Instruction to achieve student mastery.

Experience a variety of rich texts through shared reading.

Small group and class discussion/debate keeps students engaged.

Exposure to higher level texts to help them progress.
Students are exposed to critical thinking, communicating, and collaboration with group projects.

Make cross-curricular connections with Social Studies and Health subjects.

Understanding By Design (UBD)
The SRA Flex LIteracy was created to the Common Core State Standards and assist teachers to bring the CCSS into the classroom.
CCSS and Special Education
Assists in preparing at-risk students fo the challenges of the common core standards.
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