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Our Very Own Homonyms


Amber Schellhase

on 16 November 2009

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Transcript of Our Very Own Homonyms

Why Should we Communicate Effectively? Lets see if we can figure
out our homonym pairs... Are we good
or what?!?! deer or dear?! son or sun? bare or bear? wear, ware, where
hmm... right? write? rite? Hmm.
weather or whether? need or knead? Should I buy chips?... Or, walk by the poster and say bye?! WOW! Two pairs of shoes....
makes me hungry for a pear :) Which should he choose? This witch?? Break the pencil, or brake for the stop sign? Cameron blew his hair in the
blue sky!! Eww...I don't like to eat beats...wait beets!! Dylan can't beet him up?!?!

Hmm. I think there is a problem here. Shane is going threw the door.
Is that right? Or is it through? Here is a tricky one
Look! J.T. is right there,
Those are their books, and they're reading.
Are these all used right? Could it be?
Did Nathan lie?

Wow! BreAnna had to lay down... A whole pizza? A hole in the tire? An eye for an I?
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