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U.S.S Voyager

No description

ethan palamountain

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of U.S.S Voyager

The Enemies Of The Federation Star Ship Voyager U.S.S Voyager This is Voyager In the time that voyager was in the Delta quadrant this intrepid class star ship Voyager has made many enemies. the first battle this brand new, untested star ship with a new crew and new captain was against the Kazon. Stats of U.S.S Voyager:
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.975
Class: intrepid
Registry: NCC-74656
Weapon Systems:
2 Tricobalt Devices,
Photon torpedoes,
Transphasic Torpedoes
Defenses: Shields, Ablative Hull Armor
Propulsion: Warp Drive
Impulse Engines
RCS Thrusters
Leangth: 344 Meters
Power: Matter Anti Matter Reactor This Is A Kazon Other opponents Voyager has faced are the Borg, the Hirogens and many others here are some info on those enemies. The Hirogen are a hunting species and kill their prey for entertainment and for honer. On multiple occasions Voyager's crew has been the prey! once when the Hirogen captured voyager they used the holodecks to hunt the crew of the ship and keep them on the verg of survival and healing them. the crew didn't know because the Hirogen altered their memory. The Herogen This is a Hirogen The borg are all about perfection. the borg believe that they are perfect in every way. once normal people until they where assimilated and tuned into drones. once assimilated every drone can here the entire collectives thoughts and are controlled by the Borg Queen. The Borg Little is known about species 8472 but what is known is that they planed to invade earth but voyager forged a trues so that the earth would be safe. Species 8472 Now you know the main enemies of U.S.S Voyager if you have any more questions on the enemies of voyager or other info on voyager its self come to Zac or myself. Thanks for staying quiet during my prezi and if you didn't well not so thanks. Wikipedia
my extensive star trek knowledge Bibliography
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