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IB personal response

How does Personal Response work?

Jason Chiu

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of IB personal response

How does it work? IB Personal Response You are required to write a response of 150 to 200 words to a stimulus text, based on the core. Paper 2 Section B What is the communicative purpose of your response? inform To give information,
e.g. guidelines; instructions to try to convince others to accept your ideas
e.g. a proposal, a persuasive letter, etc persuade To take a stand and give your opinions on some controversial issues, e.g. a letter to the editor, an article in the newspaper column to argue to make an analysis of something, giving the details of the issue with examples and justifications
e.g. a report, etc analyze Adopt an approach to personal response The one-sided approach e.g. to argue that advertising either negatively affects people or does not affect them at all The "balanced but undetermined" approach e.g. to argue that advertising affects people negatively but not all the time The analytical approach e.g. to analyze how advertisements affect people, presenting the arguments from both sides
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