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Robots in the Future

All About Robots in the Future

Carla Mae Alarcio

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Robots in the Future

Robots in the Future
Robots in the future will humans with different types of tasks
Types of Robots in the Future
Humanoid Robots: robots that are built to resemble a human body
example: Humanoid Platform

Work Envelopes
A humanoid robot may have 30 degrees of freedom, but others can walk. Those who can walk have more freedom.
Robots in the future are multi-functional, because there are many different kinds of robots in the future
A humanoid robot is taught by demonstrating the task for the robot to perform automatically.
There are variety types of robots in the future.
Modular Robots: robots that are built with modules to create a mac robot
example: Polybot
Entertainment Robots: robots that are built to entertain in many different ways
example: Robot dogs & Robot Toys
Each modular robot have the same joint modules.
There are different entertainment robots, but they all provide entertainment.
How is it taught to perform its task?
A modular robot and an entertainment robot is taught by computer programing
Advantages and Disadvantages
The Impact
How this robot may be altered?
Proprioceptive - sense the position
Tactels are used to provide data on what has been touched
Vision is to see Sound is to hear & Actuators for the motion
Humanoid Robots
Modular Robots:
The advantage of using an entertainment robot is that they will entertain and amuse you when you want.
Using all of these types of robots in the future have disadvantages, like they could malfunction and their cost may be expensive.
The advantage of using a humanoid robot is that it can do many stuff that humans can not
The advantage of using a modular robot is that it can adapt to many situations.
Some people buy humanoid robots to assist them. It helps provide more jobs for inventors and mechanics to create this robots.
Modular robots provides more jobs for those who build robot construction kit for kids.
Entertainment robots are taking over the jobs of Dj's, actors, and dancers
The impact of a humanoid robot is that it could help people complete dangerous tasks and their other needs.
A humanoid robot may be altered to communicate with us, human beings.
A modular robot should have the most impact on those tasks that need versatility
The impact of an entertainment robot is that it revolutionize the world entertainment.
A modular robot will make a significant impact on the way we live our lives
An entertainment robot may be altered to do incredible, dangerous acts
Entertainment Robots:
Infraded: "eyes" of the robot Ultrasonic: gives range info
Encoders: position control Accelerometers: acceleration

A modular robot contains many sensors like the temperature, brightness, rotate, distance, flashlight, and etc.
Robots in The Future

Carla Mae A. Alarcio
Ethan Vang

The End
Thank You for Watching
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