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What Made The 1920s "roaring?"

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Mena Riggin

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of What Made The 1920s "roaring?"

What Made The 1920s "Roaring'? All of the changes we made to society throughout this time period made it "roaring". Women were becoming more involved in businesses and becoming more independent, changing the way they look and how they act.
Also, the first commercial radio broadcast was aired. People could now just turn on their radio to hear the latest news. Ways the 1920s were effected socially Scopes Trial
In 1920, the 19th amendment was passed stating that women were now given the right to vote. This made women seem more equal to man. Political The assembly line was created to manufacture things faster and for a lesser price.
Prohibition was established making people sell alcohol illegally. Economic Henry Ford People Babe Ruth Charles Lindbergh Facts: 1.) Thomas Edison invented the light bulb which lit up the streets of New York and people no longer live in the darkness. 3.) Jazz music was being played all over the country in dance halls and on the radio. 2.) Thanks to the light bulb, people could now work at night. 4.) Girls began wearing shorter skirts. 5.) The car was invented so transportation became easier. By: Mary Zelenak & Mena Riggin
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