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Texas Revolution

No description

Justin Kinder

on 7 November 2018

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Transcript of Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution
Dates to Remember
Treaty of Velasco
1824-Mexican Constitution of 1824
1830= Law of April 6th, 1830
1832- Turtle Bayou Resolution
1835- Battle of Gonzales
1836- March 2nd, Declaration of Independence
1836- Feb. 23rd-Mar. 6th Battle of Alamo
Mar 27th, Massacre at Goliad
April 21st, Battle of San Jacinto
June, Treaty of Velasco
Immigration Law
After Mier y Teran's report, Mexico passes law outlawing immigration to Texas and cancels all emprasario contracts. Encourages European immigration, slaves no longer allowed and places customs on all goods from the U.S
Law of April 6th, 1830
drafted resolution accussing government of ignoring the Constitution of 1824
Pledged loyalty to the Constitution of 1824 and Santa Anna
called for reform- improvements to the system
first organized protest against Mexico by citizens
Turtle Bayou Resolutions
Delegates met in Mexico City to discuss concerns of settlers
Settler demands
-end the ban on slavery
-Texas becomes separate Mexican state
-better defenses from Indians
-better mail service
-right to use English in business and law
Stephen F. Austin sent as representative
Sam Houston asked to draft state constitution
Convention of 1832-1833
signed on May 14th, 1836
2 treaties signed
Public treaty-Santa Anna vowed to leave Texas and never attack again, agreed to release prisoners
secret treaty- Mexico never invades Texas again and recognizes Texas as a nation, promised to sign trade agreement, set Rio Grande as the border
A border was never agreed upon and Mexico didn't recognize Texas as an independent nation
Austin Arrested
Austin sent to Mexico City to present request of settlers from Convention.
Meets V.P Farias, sends letter back to Texas to start state government without approval
Santa Anna removes ban on immigration but not statehood.
Austin jailed in Saltillo for letter
Santa Anna switches from federalist to centralist
Austin released after 1 year IN prison and 6 months under guard
Battle of Gonzales
first battle of the Texas Revolution- October 2, 1835
Citizens of Gonzales would not give up a cannon that was given to them by the Mexican Government to protect them from Indians
A militia led my JH Moore flew a flag over it that said "COME AND TAKE IT"
Lt. Francisco Castaneda led 100 men to Gonzales to take the cannon.
Militia fired the cannon on October 2nd thus beginning the Texas Revolution.
Siege at the Alamo
Constitutional Convention of1836
Sam Houston ordered the Alamo to be destroyed.
James Bowie and James Neill decided that the Alamo was too important
Bowie and Travis begin to recruit supporters
Santa Anna arrives in San Antonio with 1800 soldiers
for 13 days 189 Texans fight off the Mexican Army
fall of the Alamo occurs on the morning of March 6th
all Texans killed and approxiamately 600 Mexican soldiers
Texas Declaration of Independence
Battle of Goliad at Coleto Creek
Texas Constitution
Battle of San Jacinto
Texas delegates meet at Washington on the Brazos
Declared independence from Mexico on March 2nd, 1836
wrote a constitution to form an ad interim government for the Republic of Texas
written by George Childress to declare Texas independent from Mexico
modeled after Thomas Jefferson's declaration of U.S from Britian
3 parts
-opening stating how people should be ruled
-middle listing complaints against Mexico
-end declaring Texas indpendent
claimed Mexico did not protect rights of the people, did not provide representation, and did not provide a fair justice system
written March 16th, 1836
Modeled after the U.S Constitution
Separates powers into 3 branches
-legislative branch-bicameral-2 houses- House of Representatives and Senate
-executive branch- President
-Judicial branch-several layers of courts
system of checks and balances, white male suffrage, and a Bill of Rights
Unitary Republic-powers originate with the national government, direct popular vote of the President
President serves 3 year term
No priest, clergy, or minister could hold office
March 14th, 1836 Colonel James Fannin fights Mexican forces near Goliad
Fannin's men surrounded and surrender
Santa Anna orders all 300 men executed on March 27th
"REMEMBER GOLIAD" becomes rallying cry
Fought April 21st, 1836
Sam Houston leads 800 volunteers against 1300 soldiers of Mexican army at San Jacinto River
Houston burns every way out of San Jacinto and attacked Mexican Army during a siesta
Battle ends in 18 minutes
Texas Army shouts"Remember the Alamo","Remember Goliad"
Santa Anna captured and agrees to end fighting and give Texas independence
Significant Individuals
William B. Travis
- Leader of the Texas forces at the Alamo
James Bowie
- Leader of the Volunteers at the Alamo, later relieved his duty to Col. William Travis when he became to ill
Sam Houston
- Leader of the Texas Revolutionary Army during the Revolution
Santa Anna
- Dictator of Mexico and Military leader of the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution
George Childress
- chaired the committee in charge of writing the Texas Declaration of Independence

Significant Individuals
Lorenzo de Zavala
- assisted in the writing of the Texas Declaration of Independence and the formation of the ad-interim government at Washington-On-The-Brazos
James Fannin
- Led the Texans at the Battle of Coleto Creek; Surrendered to Gen. Urrea and he and his men were executed in Goliad under Santa Anna's order
Juan Seguin
- Served under Travis at the Alamo, left before assault to send letter to General Houston. Later served under General Houston at the San Jacinto battle
Battle of Velasco
Clash at Velasco June 26, 1832, near mouth of the Brazos River
Colonel Doming de Ugartechea of Mexico would not let John Austin and his rebels pass when they arrived at Velasco
Bitter battle with loss of life on both sides
Ugartechea and his men surrendered after exhausting their ammo

Protest at Anahuac
Commanded by John Davis Bradburn (Colonel in the Mexican Army)
The first serious conflict over Mexico’s actions
Site of a small Mexican garrison est. to control the movement of goods into Mexico
160 armed colonists marched to Anahuac and fought to free the prisoners

Mier Y Teran Report 1828
General Mier y Teran sent to TX to report what Anglos/Us were doing in Texas
Observed that Anglos outnumbered Mexicans 10/1
Expressed concern about growing US influence in Texas and said if Mexico didn’t act Texas would be “lost forever”

Fredonian Rebellion
Upset over the loss of land, Edwards and 15-30 armed settlers took over a stone fort and declared independence, creating The Republic of Fredonia
Edwards brothers asked Austin for help, but he sided with Mexico. When Mexican troops arrived, the revolt collapsed. Rebels fled to US
Mexican officials worried that this revolt was part of a US plan to acquire Texas

March on San Antonio

Cos surrenders on Dec 9 and promises to never fight the colonist again….but he’s a liar
Significance-400 Texans defeat 1,000 Mexicans, confidence and morale is up. Texans now control San Antonio and Goliad. Mexican soldiers go home and Texans feel that the war is over.

March on San Antonio
Milam makes the famous plea “Who will go with old Ben Milam to San Antonio?”
300 volunteers follow Ben Milam & attack on Dec 5.
Fighting last for 4 days
Texians have the advantage, but Milam dies on day 3
Mexicans are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned mission known as the Alamo
Provisional Government
With war imminent, Texas introduces a temporary government.
Henry Smith named as governor
Stephen F. Austin named commissioner to United States
Sam Houston named as Commander of the Texas Army
Does Texas go to w
ar or make peace with Mexico?
Grass Fight
Erastus "Deaf" Smith leads a group of men to attack a mule train heading to San Antonio thinking it was carrying silver
Texians defeat Mexican General Cos and capture the mules.
Texians find a major disappointment when the bags are only carrying grass for the mules.
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