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NSSCF 1:1 Presentation

May 23 at Jean Russell Centre, Nossal High School

Hugh Mason-Jones

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of NSSCF 1:1 Presentation

NSSCF 1:1 Presentation Cheltenham Secondary College Keith Müller
Hugh Mason-Jones INTRODUCTION TO STAFF • Staff briefing on invitation to participate as a pilot school in the program
• Benefits to students
• The college’s leadership team’s input was critical
• Expectations about the protocol of the Netbooks were distributed
• Explored this as a group during a staff meeting
• ICT technicians/technical
• Staff proficiency with the use of ICT in the classroom
• Type of machine under consideration
• “LLAMA” sessions have also been used to assist in the staff PD process
• The focus then shifted to Ultranet specific uses STUDENTS, SCHOOL COUNCIL & PARENTS • User agreement
• Leadership team
• ICT technicians role
• College information evenings
• Netbook not issued until attendence at an info session
• DVD recording of the information ROLL OUT • Priorities; unit 3/4, unit 1/2
• Physical management
• The Charger
• LCD monitors TEACHING & LEARNING – IMPACT • Considerable impact on teaching, students
& parents very appreciative of the provision
• Increase in the use & development of online resources
• Dedicated computer rooms/suites have been freed up
• Increased ability to differentiate the curriculum
• Improved capability to engage through digital learning experiences
• Use of Edustar software allowed for further integrated use of ICT
• Impetus for teachers to put materials on Ultranet
• Constant Internet access PRIOR RESEARCH • Main research focussed on which machines to purchase
• Roll out and subsequent management
• Software & EduSTAR LEARNING PLACES & SPACES • Enhanced access to dedicated computer rooms
• ICT rich and online-capable learning environment for senior students
• Access to online materials has been greatly improved
• Anytime access to materials digitally stored by the classroom teacher
• EduSTAR software has allowed for greater access to subject specific software
• Greater access for absent students
• Reduced the chance for disadvantage
• Students can revisit lessons ROLL OUT • Purchasing process
• Preparatory work with staff
• Ultranet registration and log in PARENTS, STUDENTS & STAFF • Netbooks are great.
• Information night for parents
• Support from parents for netbook related incidents
• Teachers embracing the need for digital teaching resources
• Creativity and enthusiasm
• Integration of research to exist within regular lessons HOMEWORK • Higher rate of summer holiday VCE prep work
• Students are using the netbooks
• Strict requirements regarding work verification
e.g. SACS must be hand written STUDENT SURVEY
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