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Housing and interior design terms for FACS

No description

Amy Brannan

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of Housing and interior design terms for FACS

Housing and Interior Design

Seating Arrangement
Amy Brannan
CATE 4013 Teaching Strategies: Section 1

Color Scheme - a pleasing combination of colors based on their respective positions on the color wheel.
On your note card: Write how an additional child would impact (3) of the different family structures.
1. Nuclear-
2. Blended-
3. Extended-
4. Same Sex-
6. Single parent-

Exit Slip
Answers to the Crossword Puzzle

To have a quality classroom some schools are certified by the William Glasser Institute by meeting the following criteria:
Relationships are based upon trust and respect, and all discipline problems, not incidents, have been eliminated.
Total learning competency is stressed, in an evaluation that is below competence or what is now a B has been eliminated.
All students do some quality work each year that is significantly beyond confidence.
Students and staff are taught to use choice theory in their lives and in their work and school.
Students do better on state proficiency test and college entrance exams.
Staff, students, parents, and administrators view the school as a joyful place.
Quality Classrooms

Brain Break /whip around

What is one thing you're wanting for Christmas this year? Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you plan on doing over the break?

Crossword Puzzle

is an obligation or duty for which a person is held accountable

Personal living space -
an area of a home usually understood to belong to one person and defined by their style and taste; examples include bedroom, workroom, home office or study.

#4-share aloud

Brain Break

Table 1: What is the best concert you’ve been to?
Table 2: What was your first car? What is your dream car?
Table 3: What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year?
Table 4: What is something big that you are saving money for?
Table 5: What is your relationship status? How long is the longest relationship at your table?

Using the crossword puzzle, your book, and information we just went over (With your table partner ) draw something to help the class understand the family style that I give you. Be Creative and provide examples.

Draw a Diagram, Chart, or Picture to Help Make Sense of Your Topic

Energy -
usable power or the resources for producing usable power; the body’s ability to do work.

Table 2

Table 3

Table 1

Table 3

Back of room

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6
Table 7
Table 8
Dr. Beachner
Katie G.
Katie C.

Physical needs
- the most basic human needs, including food, water, clothing, shelter and sleep.
With your table partner, complete the crossword puzzle over different family structures.

is learning that occurs by watching and copying the actions of others

Color Wheel
- a tool for understanding and using color.

- protecting the environment and natural resources against waste and harm.
Elements of design
- tools such as line, form, space, mass, texture and color used to create designs.
show to class...what is your family style???

Principles of design
- guidelines for working with the elements of design; the principals are proportion, scale, balance, emphasis, and rhythm..
Psychological needs -
needs related to the mind, and emotional needs related to feelings that must be met in order to live a satisfying life.
Recycle -
to reprocess resources to be used again.
Room accessories
- additional items such as pictures, vases, paintings, and other items.

- a lighter value of a color, created by adding white to the color.

is the act or function of providing leadership and direction on how to make wise decisions

is training that corrects, molds, and perfects ones actions
is the ability to direct your own behavior in a responsible way

is the process by which children gradually learn socially acceptable behavior

are anything necessary to sustain life
is a brother or sister
- a darker value of a color, created by adding black to the color.
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