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Fur Traders

No description

Esbo Sun

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Fur Traders

Fur Traders Fur Traders are people who hunt animals and skin them to sell to people. Fur was the most important in the 1534 to 1870. Beaver fur was especially good for hats. Fur traders traded fur for hatchets, metal pots and other supplies. Canada was rich in fur animals. Fur was demanded in Montreal to Quebec City. Years Beaver Pelts KG 1675-1684 1685-1687 1689-1721 40 680 63 600 363 600 New France needed more than 20 000 beaver pelts. The coureus des bois were bringing far more than that. In 1663 there was a private trading company. Only agents with the license from the trading company could trade with the first nations people. How The Fur Traders Got The Fur 1. They had to find the animal and kill it.
2. They took the animal back to their house.
3. They had to get a knife and start skin the animal.
4. They had to dry the animal skin.
5. Then they had to make the animal skin into something like a hat.
6. DONE French people made the first fur trade posts in North America. A trade post is just a place where you can buy fur. Fur trading is worldwide. Lots of people used and demanded fur in the winter to keep warm. Fur traders were a very important part of the world. Without the Fur traders people in Canada may have died because of the cold weather. Beaver fur and otter fur were the most popular fur in the world. Buffalo fur was popular in the 1869-1871. They also used wolves, foxes, squirrels and rabbits pelts. (if you are wondering pelts means animal fur that has hair on it) After they were done skinning the animal fur they would immediately go and try to sell it while it still smelled like the animal. Sometimes the smell would make the walking by people buy the fur. While finding the animal and selling it was important. It was also important for proper transportation. They would use sleds and boats to get the fur and return it to there home where they could skin it. They used sleds when the snow was thick and hard to walk through. They used boats when they had pass a lake or river to get to the animal. Now time to make the... The ORIGAMI CANOE!!! It should look something like this when it is done I hope you all enjoyed this presentation and... The End There were 2 main trading companies the NWC or North West Company and HBC Hudson's Bay Company. The NWC was in Montreal from 1779 to 1821. The HBC was in Western Canada. The two companies were fighting. At the end they decided to merge. When the French came to Canada in 1608 the coureurs des bois spread out to be a special fur trading company. The coureurs des bois were one of the most popular fur trading companies. They are famous for bringing tons and tons of beaver pelts to Europe. But...
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