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Copy of For Our 5th and 6th monthsary

No description

christaine umali

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of For Our 5th and 6th monthsary

happy 5th and Advance happy 6th monthsary Bestfriend
bes, tanda mo pa ba to? this is our first movie bonding ... sobrang saya bes!! that was the best movie bonding ever!! you always make me feel safe ung kahit na saan ako lumingon you're always behind my back! touching my waist just to know that i'm secured.
our first movie bonding
ayun, bes!!! nakarating na tayo ng 5th woahhh! sabi ko naman sayo kapit lang eh haha.... oh
dibeyyy lol :)
sabi ko naman sayo kapag naka-abot ka daw ng 5th pang forever na yoppp haha pero natatakot lang ako sa 7th month natin bes, you know why?
ung month na daw yan ang pinaka mahirap some couples ganyan daw month nagkaka-sawaan kaya
kahit di tayo couple wag ka magsawa sa akin kasi ako di ako magsasawa sa kapogian mo *pwee* whut??? hahaha jk:)bes kapit lang hahaha :) madami pa ako tutuparin na
journey sa bucketlist ko, you promise that you'll help me in pursuing my dreams right?
ano pa ba sasabihin ko? uhm ayun, sawa ka na ba sa mga kadramahan ko?
haha wag uyyy pls i dont know what i would do if you leave me yopp drama
nanaman ahaha yah i know ayaw mo
ng dramas and shits kaya
pinabawasan ko na lol haha!!!
his 3rd monthsary gift
uyy! haha still there? mahaba haba pa 'to bes haha kuha ka na ng popcorn haha jk!! :) by the way yan ung 3rd monthsary gift mo sa akin right? stolen yan eh obvious naman haha! buti na picturan ko at
least may remembrance kasi alam naman natin ginupit ni mama ung bracelet :( pero ayos lang kasi nag promise ka sa akin na gagawa mo ulit ako ng kesoclat yoppp haha thank you bes ah kahit di masyadong effort at least may ginawa ka parin.. worth it ung effort ko sayo na box of jellyfish haha with teddy <3 :)
si gummy bear :)
*alagaan mo sya ha!!* :)
thank you for always being there for me bes, whenever i feel so empty,alone,and drowned... you always tell me to smile... and magically you light me up like you are the moon and stars that i totally adore :) i just want to say or should i say i just want to shout to the whole universe that I'm so lucky and blessed to have you in my life... i promise to you louise that you'll be cherish in my heart forever :) <3 *to the moon and back
Christaine Umali and Louise Marquez
Our first magical dance together for almost couple of hours <3
to the moon and stars,happy twentyfour
tanda mo pa rin pa yung magical
slow dance natin? haha :) alam mo un it feels so good that you're my last dance
you know why? kasi nung bata pa ako sabi ko gusto ko ung last dance ko
sa prom ung taong sobrang pinapahalagahan ko o kaya its either boyfriend ko o kaya ung taong tanggap ung ako haayyy<3:) tapos ayun sobrang dami kong sinabi sayo....
alam mo gusto ko talaga umiyak nun kasi alam ko namang hindi mo ako isasayaw kasi nahihiya ka haha!! pero bes totoo lahat ng sinabi ko sayo na since second year "naging" crush kita for almost a month tas nawala eh kasi naman alam mo na mabilis ako magka crush mabilis din
mawala hahaha baliw lol haha!!! :) pero thank you kasi.....
na konsensya ka na isayaw ako ahaha jkjk :) thank you kasi
kahit na matagal mo na palang alam na crush kita di mo parin ako iniwasan o hindi ka nailang tas hinahawakan mo pa kamay ko... alam mo ba everytime you touch my hands i always get this butterflies in my tummy that anytime its going to explode... and i can feel my nerves and veins that is totally freezing everytime you touch my hand i just dont know why lol haha
okayyyyyyy last words hahaha!!! :)
For Our 5th and 6th monthsary
God just answered my prayer..to have a guy bestfriend to protect me and be there for me always... and i just achieved my 6th bucketlist to have a guy bestfriend...thank you bes
bes, these are the things i'm planning to do with you, if one day you'll come back home with me <3 :)
one day you'll be
mine and i'll be
yours exclusively
and faithfully
so happy happy 5th and advance 6th monthsary bes, always remember that i'll wait for you, and if that moment comes we will create our new and happy moments each and every day of our lives. And we will be the most happy couples in the entire world :) keep in mind that i'll just keep on holding on.. because i believe that one day you'll come home to me. and i promise to you i'll love you forevermore... and remember its always better when were together <3 :) :) keep safe tc xx always..labyu forevs *harts harts*
tune- jack johnson (better together)
yours truly,Christaine Umali
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