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What Might Happen If...

What will happen if Siberian Tigers became extinct

Jenessa Spencer

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of What Might Happen If...

What Might Happen Siberian Tigers became Extinct? Ecological balance would be upset Extinction of Other Species Sources In some parts of Asia they depend on the same clean water, air and other natural resources that tigers need. If tigers were to become extinct the protection used for tigers would no longer be needed. http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/tigers/last_of_the_tigers/what_if_tigers_did_become_extinct_/
-Tigers are at the top of the food chain so if they were to become extinct many animal populations would become uncontrollable
-There wouldn't be enough food sources to feed all of the animals living in the ecosystem
-Insects and animals wouldn't be able to survive and would have to look for food in other places
-Crops and farm lands would be affected due to the fact that different animals would use their land as food sources causing major problems for humans Impacts on Human Welfare Because tigers are at the top of the food chain, if they became extinct many other animals would be at risk as well because tigers help to keep the population balanced Poachers Tigers are hunted and their bodies are used for different products such as medicine. If they became extinct, other animals would be endangered by poachers. Global Warming If Tigers go extinct their habitats would no longer be protected from agricultural development. Deforestation would lead to more carbon dioxide being released into the air.
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