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Minnesota By:Miles Manthe

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on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Minnesota By:Miles Manthe

Historic Location
*This is James J. Hills House
Economic Location

Fun Location
*This is Wild Woods Indoor Water park
Road Map
Geographic Location
*This is Deronda bay
Political Location
*This is the state capital of Minnesota
Minnesota By:Miles Manthe
*Great lakes likes to make old fashion candy
*Great lakes candy follows a tradition of over a 100 years of fine candy
*This is great lakes Candy Kitchen
*James is the builder of the great northern railway
*James J. Hill's house is the biggest house in his neighborhood
*His house is in Saint Paul, MN
*Deronda bay is a pocket beach
*Deronda bay is in cook county, MN
*Deronda bay is not parallel to the coast line
*The state capital is located in Saint Paul,MN
*This building was built in 1849
*The first Governor was Henry Hastings Sibley
*This water park is in Elk River,MN
*Wild Woods Indoor Water park is the #2 best water park in Minnesota
*This water park is in a hotel called Holiday Inn
Political Map
Elevation Map
Physical Map
Charles Schulz
Eddie Albert
Jessica Biel
Minnesota covers 86,943 square miles, making it the 12 largest state.
83,547 square miles of Minnesota is land.
The highest point in Minnesota is Eagle Mountain at 2,301 feet above sea level.
The lowest point in Minnesota is lake Superior at 602 feet above sea level.
Mark Dayton
Al Franken
Amy Klobuchar
There is 87 counties in Minnesota
There is 17 cities in MN
State nickname is the north star state
States that border Minnesota North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin
The largest cites in Minnesota are Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth
Minnesota's abbreviation is - MN

Minnesota's sate animal is a white tailed deer
Minnesota's state fruit is a Honeycrisp apple
Minnesota's state meat is spam
Minnesota's state fish is a Walleye
Minnesota's state tree is Pinus Resinosa
Average temperature in January is 7 degrees
Fun Facts
Road Trip Distance
WCE to Great Lakes Candy Kitchen is 3,084 miles Great lakes candy kitchen to James J Hills house is 170 miles James J Hills house to Deronda Bay is 290 miles Deronda Bay to Saint Paul is 289 miles Saint Paul to wild woods indoor water park is 45 miles the total road trip distance is 4,578 miles.
Good Bye
Minnesota's State Song Hail! Minnesota
*Great lakes candy kitchen is in Knife River,MN
Kevin Love
Marion Barber III
Famous People
Bob Dylan
Leonid Hurwicz
Richard Dean Anderson
Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper
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