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Presented at Ohio Innovative Learning Conference - July 2013

Julie Mathiesen

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of OhioILEConf_CCelem

Learning & Customization
Transformational Technologies
formal discussion
based on text
open-ended questions
think critically
articulate ideas
question intelligently and civilly
The Shifts
In a Nutshell
Ancient Rome
Spanish Steps
Castle of Angels
Activity #1
Activity #2
Activity #3
Activity #4
Standard or Learning Goal
Pantheon 126 AD
Structural Engineering/
Chemical Engineering
Pagan to Christian
world's largest
unreinforced concrete dome
Here lies Raphael
Students read a true balance of informational and literary texts. Elementary school classrooms are, therefore, places where students
access the world
– science, social studies, the arts and literature – through text. At least 50% of what students read is informational.
Balancing Information & Literary Text
Students have rich and rigorous conversations which are dependent on a common text. Teachers insist that classroom experiences stay deeply connected to the text
on the page and that students develop habits for making evidentiary arguments both in conversation, as well as in writing to assess comprehension of a text.
Text-Based Answers
Socratic Seminar
Latin Origins of Modern Language
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war , testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
President Abraham Lincoln’s Speech
The Gettysburg Address, 1863
Have you ever been to a funeral?

Lincoln says that the nation is dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.” Why is equality an important value to promote?

Why did the North fight the civil war?
Non-Text Dependent Questions
What does
mean in this context?

In what ways is Lincoln

What is he saying is significant about America? Is he saying that no one has been free or equal before? So what is new?
Text-Dependent Questions
Nicolay Copy Comparison
Teachers use the power of the eraser and significantly narrow and deepen the scope of how time and energy is spent in the math classroom. They do so in order to focus deeply on only the concepts that are prioritized in the standards so that students reach strong foundational knowledge and deep conceptual understanding and are able to transfer mathematical skills and understanding across concepts and grades.
Students are expected to have speed and accuracy with simple calculations; teachers structure class time and/or homework time for students to memorize, through repetition, core functions such as multiplication tables so that they are more able to understand and manipulate more complex concepts.
List 3 presidents
List 3 presidents that have impacted our nation in your lifetime and explain why.
How might you personally alter this impact?
Research, then compare and contrast the accomplish-ments of 3 presidents.
Industrial Age Model
The Roman Pantheon:
The Triumph of Concrete
"Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, in his third consulate, made it."
How was it formulated to be so durable to last 1800 years?
Where were materials found? How was it placed? What did the ancients write about the materials and processes?
Marble columns were quarried in the Egyptian desert and transported by the ship down the Nile and across the Mediterranean to Rome at huge expense.
Curriculum Curation for the Common Core
Porta Pinciana
the interior could house a sphere 43.3 metres (142 ft) in diameter
Divide your standards in half
50% technology supported, autonomous/independent learning
50% teacher supported, less independent learning
Cognitive Scaling
Learning Target
Learning Target
Learning Target
Learning Target
Measurement Topic
Empowerment Age Model
Customized Learning
Common Core Shifts
The Supporting Technologies
Assess Readiness
Leveraging the Common Core to Ramp-In to Customized Learning
presented by Dr. Julie Mathiesen,TIE Director
Activity #1
Activity #2
Activity #3
Activity #4
Standard or Learning Goal
Industrial Age Model
Learning Goal
Customized Learning encourages learner choice and self-regulation
Pantheon as Measurable Topic
Douglas Fischer, Ph.D.
Common Core
lives here?
Here is the Difference!
Industrial Age
Empowerment Age
"Learning System"
Specific Students
can learn
Specific Subjects
Specific Classrooms
on a
Specific Schedule
in a
Specific Way
from a
Specific Teacher
can learn
World Wide Experts
Schwahn & McGarvey
mediated by
learning facilitator
mediated by learner
Tour Guide
Skilled Independent "Doer"
Learner Centered
Identify important content & skills to be learned for a successful adult life (and for more school).
Determine how those things are best learned.
Design customized learning experiences without space/time constraints.
Level 1 — Identify this utensil. (fork)
Level 2 — Explain the function of the fork.
Level 3 — Identify two examples of when a fork would not be the best utensil for a type of food and explain why.
Level 4 — Design an investigation to determine the optimal number and length of tines for a salad fork.
Webb Leveling
Common Core
lives here?
Complex Reasoning
Habits of Mind
We want learners to be....
doing these reasoning processes with this content knowledge to practice getting better at these life-long learning habits.
B. McGarvey
Marzano - Bloom's - Webb
- pick your cognitive scaling model -
Complex Reasoning:
Life-Long Habits of Mind:
1. Be accurate and seek accuracy
2. Be clear and seek clarity
3. Maintain an open mind
4. Restrain impulsivity
5. Persevere
6. Monitor one's thinking
7. Push the limits of one's knowledge
8. Generate new ways of viewing situations outside the boundaries of standard conventions
9. Respond appropriately to feedback
10. Evaluate effectiveness of one's actions
11. Generate, trust, maintain your own evaluation standards
Content Knowledge
Source: Marzano & Pickering (Dimensions of Learning)
B. McGarvey
B. McGarvey
Elementary Customized Learning
1. Meets student at achievement level.
2. Accommodates learning style.
3. With content of interest.
Ancient Civilizations
World History
Any correlations with modern day?
See also Kallick & Costa Habits of Mind Model
for Maine Cohort for Customized Learning
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Show Me on iPad
What can be outsourced to technology?
A Challenge
• Many things we used to do made sense . . .
they don’t any more!
• Technology is here to stay . . . it will is
revolutionizing our profession!
• Tinkering isn’t enough! Leverage the change!

Education Must Change....Significantly!
variety of learning formats
short term seminars focused on outcome
Interpersonal Communications
Interpersonal Relationships
Career Options that Fit Me
My Beliefs and Values: Identification and Evaluation
Diversity: The Problems and the Potential
Secondary Customized Learning
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