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ICT NFÜ Budapest 2013-03-05 Istenes

ICT and Knowledge Innovation Community in Europe Conference on the establishment of the EIT ICT Labs Budapest Associate Partner Group and the kick-off of the projects financed by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund. 2013/3/5 Zoltán Istenes

Zoltán Istenes

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of ICT NFÜ Budapest 2013-03-05 Istenes

Dr. Zoltán Istenes
Manager of EIT ICT Labs Budapest Associate Partner Group 05/03/2013 Budapest The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) education enriches the local doctoral degree and provides doctoral students the opportunity to acquire an innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set. The EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation features three specific elements:
Standardised I&E education – Business Competence + Business Development Experience
Mobility – six months of geographical mobility, six months of organizational mobility
Thematic alignment - to the innovation areas, so called action lines, of EIT ICT Labs ICT Labs Education
Master School Doctoral School Co-location Centres Knowledge triangle Catalyst Top Universities...
Top Professors...
Top Students... The Seven Technical Majors
Digital Media Technology (DMT)
Distributed Systems and Services (DSS)
Embedded Systems (ES)
Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)
Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)
Security and Privacy (SaP)
Service Design and Engineering (SDE) The Technical Majors (90 ECTS) consist of three parts: The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor (30 ECTS) consists of four parts: "have an idea
make it real..." network... "Excellence in start your own company
continue in a
Center ICT..."
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