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"London" William Blake Presentation

No description

Jennifer Jimenez

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of "London" William Blake Presentation

"London" by William Blake
- Charter
- The Infants
-The "Marks"
-A "Marriage Hearse"
In the poem, "London" by William Blake, he writes about himself roaming the streets of London during the French Revolution. Blake describes his observations and as he is walking down the "charter'd" streets, he experiences the noises he hears and the despair in people's faces (Sparknotes).
Poetry is a form of writing to share feelings and emotions. In addition to feelings, observations and experiences can be written in this written form. Blake shares the tragic experience of poverty while walking the streets of London. There was no happiness. It was just depression and despair within the lives of the people.
Three Sentences
1. "I wander thro' each charter'd street,"
2. "Marks of weakness, marks of woe."
3. "And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse."
Readers' Response
After reading this poem, I slightly have a better understanding as to what Blake was trying to share. The use of imagery and sensory made it more helpful and it supported his observations. It makes a reader think that this is where it is happening and this is what is happening. Furthermore, it leaves an image in your head after reading the poem. It was a depressing poem and it makes me wonder now, what is it like to live in a poverty world full of no opportunities and freedom?
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