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No description

chih yao ko

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Ecotourism

Eco Tourism Eco-tourism Eco Hotel in Langkawi The Frangipani
Langkawi Fact Sheet Green Concept Eco-friendly resort is located on a 400-metre stretch along Pantai Tengah, Langkawi.

30 basic
22 Deluxe
33 Garden Room
13 Sea facing Villa
11 Beach villa
9 suites

"Interview with Frangipani in WTM" Waste management

3 Rs
A Commitment to Sparing the Earth and Our Guests
Our commitment to the environment requires both enormous dedication and some real ingenuity. Long before green was golden, we were giving our guests a luxurious experience, while reducing our carbon footprint.

We've been able to get better and better at it, without asking our guests to sacrifice the comfort and enjoyment they've come to expect from our hotels and restaurants. We're doing the right thing, without making our guests pay for it. Earth Care Ink 48 Context Eco-tourism

In New York/ USA

In Langkawi/Malaysia

Factors for the hotel to be green Factors -Pubilc relation


- Hotel actions

-City concept

-Marketing Ecotourism Eco friendly hotel A boutique hotel
222 rooms


Eco friendly NEW YORK Eco-tourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting relatively undisturbed natural area.

Also responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improve the well-being of local people. Chih Yao, Boom, Di, Candy Local and Organic Dining 5 Green Key Rating
Category Weight (kg)

Paper 5189.0
PET plastic 746.6
HD plastic 183.5
Mix plastic 70.0
Aluminium Tin 377.0
Grade A Iron 1348.0
Grade B Iron 360.0
Steel 8.0
Battery 148.0
Total 8430.1

Revenue of RM 3792.50 earned from recycling 8430.1 kg of trash Paper
Waste Management Water Energy Conclusion Any Questions
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