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The skeletal System

No description

Tyler Anderson

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The skeletal System

What social and environmental factors affect the skeletal system
Environmental: Doing heavy work on a farm for example can effect your bones because you are putting too much stress on them so it will cause them to grow weaker and may cause injuries.

Social:Working out in the gym and lifting weights may cause spine problems if you lift something that is too heavy for you.
major organs
The Skeletal system's major organs are the heart, liver, and the lungs.The ribs protect the organs.
The most common disease is arthritis,arthritis is a condition that effects your joints, such as the knees. Some effects are joint pain, swelling and stiffness.
The end
That's all we have folks thanks for listening about the skeletal system!
The skeletal system :)
What can be done to keep this the skeletal system healthy
You can drink milk because milk produces calcium and calcium makes your bones stronger.You can also have other dairy products.
What beneficial or harmful effects does technology have on the skeletal system
There is nothing I could find that effects the skeletal system by technology but x-rays help the skeletal system in a beneficial way because they can see if there is anything wrong with your bones.
What is the function of the skeletal system
The skeletal system is responsible for the protection of your organs such as your heart, lungs, liver and many more. It also helps with your movement because if you had no skeleton you wouldn't be able to move because your body would have no support.Last but not least the skeletal system is also responsible for the creation of blood cells .
Fun facts
The largest bone in the skeletal system is the pelvis as you know the hipbone. The hipbone is made of six bones joined firmly together and did you know your ear and the bottom of your noes don't have any bones that's why you can wiggle them.
Common diseases that can affect the skeletal system
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