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vasco Da gama

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of VASCO DA GAMA

What was his form of Transpotation ?
Vasco da gama's form of transportation was by ship and boat. His first expedition was equipped with 3 ships. His second expedition was equipped with 20 ships.
When did he travel?
Da gama's First expedition started On July 8, 1497 and landed on India on May 20,1497.
Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer and navigator who found the trade route from Portugal to India. This brought great spices to Spain also creating great profit for the two countries. In this journey he didn't meet communicate with the Native people or conquer land.
Did the explorer accomplish his expedition and was it successful?
What land did he discover or conquer?
Vasco da gama discovered and claimed the land of India for Portugal.
What expeditions did he lead?
He went on two expeditions. His first expedition was when he was appointed by King Manuel the first to create a trading route sailing to the east. His second expedition was a request by the king.
Da gama's expedition was accomplished and successful. He was able to create a trading route and he was able to discover and claim land for Portugal.
The resources was he able to export?
Da gama was able to export exotic spices from the country of India for the country of Potugal.
Did he treat or conquer the natives?
Vasco Da Gama didn't conquer any Natives. He had only one purpose creating a trade route between India and Portugal.
Was there a result of permanent Settlement?
No there was no result in permanent settlement only a trading route and a trading post. But after his adventures Da gama settled down in Cochin India .
Interesting facts
As a bonus we have created a Power point on our explorer VASCO DA GAMA. It will talk about information that was not included about him in this prezi and it will be our visual aid which contains portraits of him and his trading route.
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