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Digital Imaging

Insight to the research and development

Ben Turner

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Benjamin Turner 08002620 The 'Other' Outcome of World War 2 For my all my images, I used a JVC HD camera. A panorama taken while climbing up Arthur Seat showing the different variations of buildings Edinburgh has to offer gave me inspiration for my chosen setting. This was a panorama created using photographs from outside the university campus. Although I wsa able to create a seamless panorama, the final image did not give enough impact as it was too far away from buildings. This panorama was created using 6 different photographs. I felt that it was perfect for a theme set in the not too distant past. The building is striking and it was an ideal setting for my final piece. Here is the same panorama cropped with the edges filled in. Research Ideas Films I was greatly influenced by films for this project. I was interested in war films such as Saving Private Ryan and Letters from Iwo Jima which are both set in World War 2. Here are the ideas I had towards the development of my final piece. History History has always fascinated me. Plus, Edinburgh offers a fantastic range of historic buildings which also tie in to this theme. Chosen Theme My final theme was based on World War 2. I wanted to create a piece that was controversial and not what one would expect. To do this, I felt I had to look at the opposite angle of the outcome of the war. This meant that I wanted to create a piece, not showing an allied victory as in history, but showing an Axis victory. I felt that this would be a strong theme and something that has not been portrayed or thought of too often at all. Making a successful image To make a piece that I felt was successful, I needed to capture the doom and gloom of World War 2. There were a number of ways I could achieve this so I decided to explore them Development of the final piece Firstly, I added objects to my scene to set the theme. Next, I added a sky using 'Match Color' in Photoshop. I chose to match it with a painting portraying a similar idea. Here is the painting I decided to choose to match colours with. To finish my final image, I added a new level of colour which I believe emphasises an effective gloomy feel. I then added rain to my scene. I felt that this would give a much needed effect that I was looking for. Final Image
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