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1.05H Earth's Early Atmosphere

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Muhammed Hafez

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of 1.05H Earth's Early Atmosphere

1. How is anaerobic respiration affected by changes in temperature?

As the temperature kept increasing, the amount of fermentation (anaerobic respiration) also increased. When the temperature was too hot, the organism was, however, killed.
2. Based on the conditions of
early Earth, what conclusion can you draw about the amount of anaerobic respiration that was occurring at Earth’s beginning? Explain your answer.
At Earth's beginning, there was little, to no oxygen. The cells that used the anaerobic process had to learn how to function without oxygen. I believe that there were many anaerobic respiration processes taking place, since all organisms need oxygen to survive.
3. If there was a sudden drop in
temperature after the evolution of the
first living cells, predict how that might have affected the changes in the atmosphere and the evolution of cyanobacteria and other autotrophs. Explain your answer.
That probably would have caused the
atmosphere to cool down dramatically. The
cyanbacteria could have assisted, because it puts
oxygen into the atmosphere. The other autotrophs
would be affected, because if the temperature
dropped, the air would have cooled down.
Then, the autotrophs would not have
food from the carbon dioxide, or
other inorganic materials.
By: Muhammed Hafez
Graph #1

1.05H Earth's Early Atmosphere
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