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Powers Denied to State and National Governments

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William Schaffer

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Powers Denied to State and National Governments

Powers Denied to State...
...and National
Federal Government's
Denied Powers
Essential Questions
What are powers denied to the national government?

What are power denied to the state governments?
The government is denied certain rights by the Constitution to preserve federalism; most of them are in Article I, Section 9 and first eight amendments.
Examples of Federal Denied Powers
Charge taxes on exports
Prohibit freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly
Deny a speedy and public trial
Establish a public school system
Build units of local government
Tax any state or its local government units
Prevent the government from bankrupting one or more states
State Governments' Denied Power
States have reserved power, power denied to the federal government but not the state governments, but the Constitution still lists powers that are denied to them.
Examples of State Denied Powers
Enter into a treaty with a foreign county
Print money
Deny a person due process of law
Tax the national government
1. What are powers denied to the federal govt but not the state govts?
2. What amendment states powers that are denied to the federal govt are not denied to state govts?
3. What article and section list most of the federal denied powers?
4. What are two examples of powers denied to state govts?
5. What are two examples of powers denied to the federal government?
1. Reserved Powers
2. 10th Amendment
3. Article 1, Section 9
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