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Welcome to Science

7th Grade

Summer Roland

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Science

Science Course Syllabus
Welcome to 7th Grade Science
Course Objectives:
Throughout this course, you will be studying:

Investigation and Experimentation
Earth’s History
Course Curriculum and Texts:
FOSS (Full Option Science System): Earth History, Planetary Science, and Populations and Ecosystems
Glencoe, Astronomy (7th Grade Science Textbook)

The grading scale is as follows:

Grade Percentage Points Meaning
A 90-100% 4 Excellent

B 80-89% 3 Above Average

C 70-79% 2 Average

D 60-69% 1 Below Average

F 0-59% 0 Failing
Behavior Guidelines:
In order to ensure that students in the science lab are striving to achieve a superior academic program and to provide a safe school environment, the following guidelines are used to enforce a successful behavior management program.

Within the lab/classroom setting we will be adhering to the Four Be’s and Three Strikes Rules. The Four Be’s outline my expectations of each student. Should a student not meet the expectations set for the in the Four Be’s, the Three Strikes Policy will be enforced.
The Four Be’s
1) Be on-time and prepared (students without signed passes from school personnel will not be permitted in until a pass is given.
2) Be on-task and responsible.
3) Be respectful – of yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and the classroom environment.
4) Be kind to one another.

The Three-Strike Policy:
Strike 1 - Discussion with teacher, teacher documentation.
Strike 2 - Parent Contact, discussion with teacher, teacher documentation.
Strike 3 – Meeting with principal, detention* (lunch or after school), parent contact.
Parents will be notified of the day and time.

Special Circumstances-Beyond the Tree Strikes

Repeated detentions may lead to the loss of privilege(s). Privileges include school dances, field trips, and/or other school activities to be decided by the Principal on a case-by-case basis dependent upon the situation.

Missed detention will require a make-up detention in addition to the original detention missed.

Missed make-up detentions will be handled by the Principal.
Start of Class:
When class begins, I expect students to be seated in their assigned seats, with their science notebooks out, a sharpened pencil (pens are not used in science), and working on the “science starter” on the board. I also expect that everyone have a positive (or at least a non-toxic) attitude.
Daily Work:
The “Daily Work” for Science class will consist of the following:

At no time will homework be a skill or topic that is unfamiliar to students. Homework assignments are completions of in-class work, studying for quizzes/tests, or work on an on-going project. There should never be blank or missing answers in Science Notebooks.

It is your responsibility to write your daily work in your agenda and get it completed.
Notebook Checks:
Notebooks are checked once in the middle of a quarter and once at the end of the quarter. Work is graded as follows:

The passing period is the time to get the appropriate materials from your backpack and each student is expected to take care of this during the passing period only. Please have the following items in science class every single day (without being reminded):

Science Notebook
Upon returning from an absence, please check in with a classmate to copy down the previous day’s agenda entry, and to record any missed notes. Then, go to the “Absent” bin and pull out copies of any papers you missed so that you know what to make up. Please check in with the teacher only
you have checked in with a classmate.
You may not enter the Science Lab late without a pass. Upon entering the room, hand your pass to the teacher quietly, and take your seat
without interrupting or disturbing the class.
If you do not have a pass you will serve lunch detention that day, unless class falls after lunch and you will make it up the following day.
Class Behavior:
I have one basic behavior principle:

"All students have the right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach."

Therefore, any behavior that interrupts the learning or teaching in my classroom will not be tolerated.

Please do not sleep in class. If you don’t sleep in class, I won’t either! Students are expected to refrain from putting their heads down or slumping in their seats.
A note on throwing things away . . .

As long as you are a student in this class, it is your responsibility to keep and to keep track of all of the “stuff” that will be created over the course of the year.
Plan to keep ALL WORK for Science primarily in your notebook(s) until the end of the school year.
Thank you in advance for being a respectful person, a responsible student, and an active scientist! 
Information about your learning is gathered on an on-going basis.
There are three areas examined regularly as this information is used to determine your strengths and areas for growth.
The grading system in this class will follow the BESD Middle School/Junior High grading system. A student’s quarter grade is determined by the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.
BESD Middle School Grading System:
•Daily Assignments/Science Journal - 30%
•Quizzes/Tests - 30%
•Projects - 40%
Quietly find your seat.
Stop talking when the bell rings.
Open your science notebook to your “Science Starter” sheet and begin working on it.
Please remember to do the following at the start of each period everyday:
Beginning of Class
- Every period will begin in the following order:
•Note taking
•Pack up belongings. Clean up area.
•Agenda (copy down science work to be done)
•Teacher’s check of science work progress. (STAMP)
•Science Starter
- Classes will be comprised of one or a combination of the following:
•Textbook (reading or studying)
•Lab or activity
End of Class
- Every class will end in the following order:
•Clean up lab or activity
√+ = 30 points
√ = 20 points
√− = 10 points
O = 0 points
Late notebooks
lose points
You have the option to improve work that received anything other than a check plus, but it must be completed before the final quarter check.
Turned in notebooks are graded under “participation” in the grade book.
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