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Copy of The Roadmap to Letting Go

A closer look at the changes in parent-child relationships during middle adulthood (SCU 336).

Chuck Folino

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Copy of The Roadmap to Letting Go

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Timeline for Filling a Vacancy
Posting Process Overview
The Road map to

Monitoring Internal & External Posting Process
Classification is a general overview of a

Cars are
as Sedans or Trucks.
Michigan State University
Staff Introductions
Tabatha Dixon
Shayla Thomas
Debby Jackson
Dominik Isham
Shannon Kemp
Anna Barner
Classification vs Job Description
Descriptions provide details regarding the actual responsibilities of a specific job.
Cars are
as a Spartan Cooper Mini or The Spartan Food Truck.
Classification is a general overview of a job.
Jobs are
as Administrative Assistant or Information Technologist.
Characteristic duties are those which are
of job duties under the classification.
Classification vs Job Description
Job Descriptions describe the actual duties of a specific job.
Duties are those specific job responsibilities assigned to a position.
Positions may also use
functional titles
which provide a more specific title than that of the classification title.
Creating a Posting in COMPASS
Applicant Review Process
- Information Technologist I
Functional Title
- Senior Service Desk Analyst
Job Summary
- IT Services Management's Information Technologist I position will serve as a Senior Service Desk Analyst responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the designated shift; will assist service desk analysts with...
Job Duties
60% - Provide first level support through taking calls and handling the resulting incidents, access requests or service requests. Acting as an escalation point where higher level support for calls is needed.
15% - Identify needs related to training, documentation, and technical issues, arranging staff training and awareness sessions, train new service desk staff members in service desk operating procedures, mentor service desk analysts.
10% - Represent the Service Desk at meetings and provide project support.
Placement goal not met. OIII needs additional information.
NOO! Qualified Applicants
Parking Lot
Let's take a 15 minute break
Applicant Report
Posting Request Tips
Use the Classification Specification as a guideline for the title/level position you are posting; specifically the education level and the years of experience range.
You may opt to view previous postings of similar titles to aid in writing text/formatting; just confirm it still aligns with Class Spec Required Edu./Exp.” as Class Specs get revised.
Avoid listing “ability to”, “knowledge of”, or “excellent communication skills” statements in the REQUIRED and SUMMARY fields. These statements should be in the DESIRED field.
Specific Software should be listed in DESIRED unless the Class Spec allows. Substitute with generic ie: spreadsheet, database, presentation, word processing, desktop publishing, web page software.
AP and APSA positions should not include basic clerical skills as those should be in the Clerical/Technical positions due to Union Contracts and the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Complete Summary, Required and Desired fields. If you need more space submit an attachment as a Word Doc vs a PDF to allow cut/paste/edits into COMPASS. If possible avoid “see attached” in these fields.
The percentage Description breakdown should always be completed and equal 100%
Corrections to the form should not be put in the comments or special instructions. The forms should be correct when HR receives it (ie: Funding corrections, Supervisor corrections)
Additional staff being supervised can be added by selecting “add row” while creating the position request form and you can add as many rows/people as needed.

Posting Received
After the unit submits their forms to HR we identify this weeks postings: Friday 12pm (last week) – Friday 11:59am (this week)
Mouseover “sent” cell to see date & time posting was submitted
Identify all items with Status: Normal
Open form

Hiring Recommendations
After the interviews, a recommendation is submitted to HR confirming that the department is interested in making a job offer to a candidate
No offers can be made to any candidates prior to the department receiving authorization
Candidates must successfully complete a criminal background check before starting to work

Hiring Recommendations
First step: indicate which candidates were interviewed for this position. Click the “Change Status” Link for each candidate.

HR administers the “required interviews” aspect of the collective bargaining agreement(s) and provides the seniority ranking of internal applicants.
Departments must interview required applicants .
All required interviews are to be completed before submitting hiring recommendations.

Change the status link to “Interviewed (95)”

Include the interview date in the open field as shown above

Next, indicate which candidate you want to hire. Click the “Change Status” link again for this individual.

When the screen refreshes, use the drop down in the Status field to select “Recommended for Hire”

Hiring Recommendations
Applicant reporting is completed each Wednesday morning

You must select a reason. Drop down the “Reason/Intv Date(s) field and select “Most Qualified/Most Senior Qualified.”
Now you can create the Hiring Recommendation. Click on the green “Hiring Recommendation” tab.

When the screen refreshes, click the “Add New Entry” button.
Now you can enter the hiring recommendation data. Complete all the fields with red asterisks and click the “Add New Entry” button.

Personnel Action
must also be completed by the department - - indicate the appropriate hire action by choosing from the drop down (New Hire, Promotion, Demotion, or Transfer)
To submit for approval, first click the “View Posting Summary” button at the bottom of the screen.

Letter of Salary Justification
For salaries above the APL or proposed increases above the union contracts, a “Letter of Justification” is required and should be submitted to HR via the “Supplemental Documentation” tab in COMPASS
The Authorized Signer for your department/college must be copied on the Letter of Justification. (Refer to handout)

Then select "Submit Hiring Recommendation for Review" and click the "Continue" button.

Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (OIII)
Placement goals are located in the posting
Unmet Placement Goals: ways to speed up the review process
Supportive Documentation should be attached in the Supplemental Documentation” tab in COMPASS
Time Frame: OIII needs a minimum of 3 days
Time Frame: Allow an additional 2 days for HR approval

Criminal Background Check (CBC)
Human Resources initiates ALL background checks for Support Staff employees.
Regular applicants may not begin working until the required background check has been performed and the results received and assessed by MSU Human Resources.
Average turnaround time after a criminal background check has been submitted is 72 hours pending no delays.
Delays in turnaround time do occur. Please allow at least one to two weeks processing time for each background check in the event of a delay
A delay can occur for any of the following reasons:
The information has been entered incorrectly by the applicant or the requestor into the HireRight system.
The county or district listed for a background check in researching whether the applicant has any criminal felony or misdemeanor charges is delayed in providing a response to HireRight.

Staffing Coordinators should provide applicants with details of the next steps after the Hiring Offer has been confirmed:
Background Check
Computer Assessment Test (1585, 999, 324, 274 Union Groups)
CAT Assessment must be completed within one week of date of hire
Candidate must complete and pass CAT Assessment prior to scheduling orientation
Contact is made to the candidate within 48 hours of receipt of finalized hiring recommendation

Chuck Folino
Queen McMiller
Jayme Miller
Carole Nicholas
Changing Applicant Status'

Karlita McClinton
Kristie Sova
Mitchell Avant
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