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Socials Prezi

No description

Mai Tran

on 9 May 2012

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Transcript of Socials Prezi

Canada in the U.N By: Mai Tran What is it? 'a technique developed by the United Nations which does not have a simple definition (Falk 159)'

was supposed to be how to resolve any problems between states

basically what the United Nations military force is for

being neutral to end the conflict

stand between the two sides and keep peace After 1945... Canadian peacekeepers were active everywhere specifically where trouble kept appearing
not desirable opportunity, it's more like work
the way the people thought of this didn't change; they thought nothing of it Cyprus Greeks Turkish VERSUS Numbers started in 1964
lasted 29 years
25,000 troops sent
500-1100 personnel at a time Pakistan India Sri Lanka Colombo Plan Facts foreign aid initiative
made in the 1950s
built factories and infrastructure Asia and Africa International Aid What is it? giving foreign aid
rich, industrialized countries to poorer developing countries
transferring resources to help development Peacekeeping Vietnam started in 1973
International Commission for Control and Supervision - watch the ceasefire and return prisoners
end in 1974 Korean War What is it? start in 1950
small part of Cold War
Communist vs Democratic
sorted out with armistice in 1953 Participants 3 destroyers: Cayuga, Athabaskanan and Sioux
2nd Battalion of Princess Patrica’s Canadian Light Infantry
Royal Canadian Regiment
Royal 22nd Regiment (Vandoos)
25th Canadian Infantry Brigade
Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal Canadian Navy
25,000 soldiers Facts soldiers wounded had good chance of survival because of helicopters
Chinese propaganda was used a lot to try to send the forces back
Radio Maple Leaf kept troops in touch with news from home
312 Canadians died
these people rest in United Nations cemetery at Pusan Axelrod, Alan. The complete idiot's guide to 20th century history. New York: Alpha Books, 1999.Print.

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