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Copy of 6.01 Economic Relationships

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Evelyn Gundlach

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 6.01 Economic Relationships

Water Pollution 6.01
by: Evelyn Gundlach Institutor: Mrs. Lee
Business Firms
Rest of the World



Our Government buys goods from the product market that it needs to insure citizens have unpolluted water.
The government spends tax money on programs to insure households are receiving water and that it has good quality so no one gets sick.
Citizens pay their taxes so the government can keep paying for water systems and regulation.
Consumers buy water pumps, water bottles, water filters, etc. They get all the supplies they need to get clean water from the product market.
Households buy food and water that is safe to eat and drink from the product market.
Our Government can borrow money from the financial market to pay for new cleaner water systems and workers to regulate it.
Households can invest into the financial market and buy stocks in clean water companies.
Citizens work at water companies and they insure water safety. They then bring home a pay check.
The factory market produces machinery to allow business firms to produce clean water.
Business firms spend money on supplying the factory with the goods and workers it needs to produce machinery to clean water.
Business firms borrow money from the financial market to help their company grow by paying for more machinery, workers, and goods.
The financial market allows foreign investors to buy stocks and borrow money to help them grow and produce cheaper goods that business firms buy.
Foreign investors allow the financial market to borrow money and they purchase stocks in our companies to help them grow. This helps water company business expand and make cleaner water available to more people.
Business firms gain revenue from producing clean, safe water that households buy.
Water companies help put goods and services (clean water etc.) back into the product market that can be sold to consumers.

Product markets can export safer, cleaner water to the rest of the world.
Foreign imports can supply the product market with cheaper cleaner plastic bottles or other goods to help the company produce safer water.
The issue I have chosen to talk about is Water pollution. Water pollution affects the community in many ways, it affects the health of the people, limits the water used, hurts businesses and hurts the environment. The community agrees with me that it is a very serious issue that should have something done about it!
Water Pollution: The Issue
What's the Affect?
Water pollution is an issue that affects many people. It affects our households and local residents by getting people sick and not having access to clean water. It affects our local businesses because they depend on water for many uses and may go out of business without clean water. It affects our government because they will have to come up with a way to get citizens the clean water they need. Water pollution is a world wide problem that affects thousands of people, who get terribly sick because of it. Water pollution affects our food, our jobs, money and lifestyle. We are very blessed to live in a country that has the resources and services to provide clean water not only to our community but across the nation!
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