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The Main Idea

These are the main ideas.

Kasandra Bienkowski

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of The Main Idea

The Main Idea Our project is about
the main idea of
theme, mood, conflict,
and much more! Setting is the time
and place of the story
Example: The mountains The protagonist is the
central or primary character
Also known as "good guy"
Example: Harry Potter
The antagonist is the
main or primary character
that is known as the
"bad guy"
Example: Voldemort The conflict is an
opposition of people
or forces. It is also
the main problem. Example: Peter Pan and Captain Hook fighting. Mood is basically
the expression or feeling
of the novel
Example: happy, sad,
exciting! Theme is the main
idea, moral, or
message of the story!
Example: Good vs. Evil VS. The last sounds Peter heard
before he was quite alone were
the mermaids retiring one by one to their bedchambers under the sea. He wasn't alone. It was Quirall.
"You!" gasped Harry.
Quiarill smiled. His face wasn't twitching at all.
"Me," he said calmly. "I wondered if I would be meeting me here, Potter." THE END! (:
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