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A Pyscho Memoir

Applying Psychological Lenses to Literature

Grace Irvine

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of A Pyscho Memoir

A Psycho Memoir
Applying Psychological Lenses
To Literatry Pieces By Grace Irvine Thesis Statement Psychologists Bruno Bettelheim
Carl Jung
Sigmund Freud
The strong psychological aspects in
literature have the ability to change
societal views by reflecting the positive
and negative experiences in the
author’s works. Bettelheim Believed writing was
used as escape:
Fairy Tale Theory Jung Self-actualization
Believed each being was capable of obtaining the most basic element of oneself
Freud Theory of the ‘id'
the 'superego’ complex
The role of unconscious
Books Three Cups of Tea
-Greg Mortenson

A Million Little Pieces
-James Frey

Eat, Pray, Love
-Elizabeth Gilbert

The Glass Castle
-Jeannette Walls What This Means Literature is downloaded into
positive and negative wavelengths
in brain. Mortenson starts by setting out
to climb K2 in Pakistan Ends up stranded on mountain From this experience, he
builds schools and starts
donation funds Show Video
Embarked on a 'self' journey
Since then changed 100s
of women's lives Liz started crying on
the bathroom floor. Jeannette was raised
in an abusive family She grew as a person over time
She passed on her inspiration
to others who needed help
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