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Common Core

EDU100 MVCC Panel Project Fall 2014

Britta Beardsley

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Common Core

Past Education
Explicit Curriculum (formal curriculum)
Expected to teach, expected to learn, school accountability.
Elementary School
focused on reading, writing and math
less on tech and they switch for some subjects
Middle School
each subject same amount of time
Connecting to life issues
High School
Every subject is specialized with one instructor
Not the same students
Common Core

please show video up to 3:06 marker
Pros to Common Core
launched 2009

early 2000s, lack of standardization in states = Common Core State Standards
*example math problems from past & transition with new common core ways* (:
Integrated Curriculum
Connecting concepts and skills.
Connections increase...
1. Increasing motivation
2. Collaborative planning, increase communication with teachers.
common in elementary and middle school
example: If they read about a science topic and then the student can interview someone and write about it.
Implicit Curriculum

the unstated aspect of the curriculum
teaching them how to learn
how they are supposed to behave
Classroom rules and creating environment.
The Null Curriculum
Things that cant be covered during school year
Recess cut down by 30-40% in schools
lack of free play connects with cognitive, social and emotional development.
Cons to Common Core
Elementary Education Teacher Opinion
High School Teacher's Opinion
Internationally Benchmarked
All teachers will be on the same level
States save money
Easier for mobile families
Take time to develop

Technology $$$$$$

Each state has to change

Currently Common Core Standards cover English & Math ONLY.
having specific standards help to know EXACTLY what you have to teach. You are able to focus on specific skills

-CCSS tests will be used to evaluate teachers

-This specific district took away all textbooks & workbooks.

-Curriculum doesn't seem set in stone yet-very demanding.

+any worth while activity will meet CCSS

Believes elementary teachers have it worse

-Forced to start reading standards and THEN have time for great literature to apply.

-Skeletal curriculum guide
Standards divided into 2 categories
College/Career Readiness Standards
K-12 Standards

English Language Arts & Math chosen for the Common Core State Standards
Common Core Standards
Common Core Video: http://www.corestandards.org/other-resources/statements-of-support/

Extra Curriculum
Positive things when in extra curriculum activities...
lower dropout
lower substance abuse
high academic performance
high self esteem
Junior High Teacher's Opinion
District 135 is currently in the process of changing the LA curriculum.

Has seen her students excel in the types of assignment she would have never imagined.
Rigorous content calls for stressful lessons
Different tests to prepare students for
Believes Common Core is a positive change.
Plans for Common Standards in other areas:
World Languages
Impact on current and future teachers:
Consistent goals & benchmarks
Consistent expectations
Resources with other teachers across nation
Improving colleges


Over 40 states have adopted the Common Core standards

The PARCC exam is a part of common core

Math is now focused more on comprehensive understanding and application

Common Core is a new standard of public school learning.


English and Language Arts have a new focus

Common Core in Illinois

please show the above link to class, example of part of the Illinois constitution on education
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