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Do You Think More Stringent Laws Should Be Placed On Deforestation?

This prezi is for my ISP. It will include a ot of information about deforestation and how we might need to place more laws if we would like to keep our earth clean and healthy. It should have no bias opinions or anything unfair. It will show both sides.

Maddie Lach

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Do You Think More Stringent Laws Should Be Placed On Deforestation?

Do You Think Deforestation should be banned? What is deforestation? Where is it happening? What is happening because we are cutting down so many trees? Deforestation is happening mainly in rainforests where there are a larger number of trees to cut down. Many rainforests are gone due to deforestation, endangering animals lives and or killing them. Rainforests are rich in wildlife and are home to many species and life forms. Deforestation is the cutting down of a large mass of trees. Forests cover about 30% of the earths land, and when large forests are cut down, it can ultimatly cause climate change and help fuel global warming. Tree Impact Trees positively impact us in many different ways. They have Enviromental impacts, Social impacts, Communal impacts, Ecological impacts, and many other benefits. However, sometimes trees do need to be cut down. Social Impact Communal Impacts Enviromental Impacts Trees Impacts us socialy in many ways. Trees are what bring people together, and really are true beauty. Trees make life more pleasant and are nice to look at. We often feel serene and peaceful around trees, which is why parks are good places to go to relax or have a picnic. Often times trees are planted as living memorials because they give off an esence of life and beauty. It's a fact that humans indeed have strong ties to trees, if you look closely, the main branches on a tree look similar to a human hand. Some communal impacts are: Trees can serve as Architectural and engineering functions. When properly placed, trees can provide a lot of privacy, by simply shading a couple of windows on a house with it's leaves. It's needed privacy from neighbours in a backyard, and also an accessory. The enviromental impacts that trees have are ongoing. The most commonly known reason for planting trees, is for oxygen. Tree's produce oxygen and improve the air quality by sucking in C02 and filtering the air through the leaves. They conserve water and control climate, they shelter animals and reduce storm flooding. - Contibuting to Global Warming
- Lack of oxygen
- Animals becoming extinct
- Large scale habitat destruction
- Nature being destroyed
- If trees die plants die How would you evaluate the impact of deforestation on the enviroment based on a scale of 1-10 Can you propose an alternative to Deforestation? What is The Contraversy? Deforestation may not seem like such a controversial topic, but it is. Many people think it's killing too many animals, harming the enviroment and it's not worth the risk. Others make a living from it (loggers). Deforestation may seem a bit unnesessary but it contributes to:
- Houses
- Furniture
- Economy
- Firewood
- Lumber
- Charcoal
- Fuel
- Settlements
- Paper
- Other Wood By- Products
So really what should we be thinking? Is there any way to meet in the middle? No. Deforestation provides the wood we need to live. It gives us houses and the things we need.Therefor, we need it. However, it should not be taken advantage of.There are ways to calm it down and ways to give animals a home. Deforestation:
PROS + CONS The pros of deforestation are:
- Paper
- More Land
- Good for settlements
- More stores and restaurants
- Wood Products
- Furniture
- Houses NOW... The cons of deforestation are: - Animals lose housing
- The soil around the deforested area grows weak and brittle unabling new plants to grow
- Wastes because not all trees are used
- Kills land MY OPINION I think that it is unreasonable and unethical to stop deforestation all together. I think more laws should be placed in order to cause less animal extinction... THANK YOU :D DEFINITION: Deforestation is the removal of a forest or a stand of trees where the land is converted to a non forest use. ANIMALS THAT MOST COMMONLY LOSE THEIR HABBITAT DUE TO DEFORESTATION 1 2 3 4 Tiger "asian big cat" Topping the WWF aka World Wildlife Funds, thier populations have decreased by 40% over the last decade Mountain Gorilla Very endangered due to deforestation and habitat loss. An estimated 689 left in existence Javan Rhinoceros "Critically" endangered since 2009, the Javan Rhinoceros' population is now less than 60 because of habitat loss and forests being destroyed. Giant Panda The Giant Panda, AKA Ailuropoda melanoleuca species, has been endangered on and off over the past few years. Numbers around 1600 are reflecting their population. Their home is being deforested freequently due to a larger population of consumers...
5 Tiger Rhino Gorilla Panda Golden Lion Tamarin These little critters are rapidly decreasing in numbers, they live in rainforests which is unfortunate due to the fact that rainforests are most commonly deforested. Golden Lion Tamarin Types of Deforestation 1 2 The most commonly known type of deforestation is the CUTTING DOWN of trees The second most commonly know reason is forest fire or any other natural occurance <3 YOUR O p I N I o N
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