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It started with an elephant in the room

No description

Gianna Minni

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of It started with an elephant in the room

OMG, you are on TV!!!!!!!!!!
We collaborated
Generated more ideas.......
The money started pouring in, and we continued to execute ideas
Collaborated overseas
ES Accelerate Procurement Team
It started with an elephant in the room and lots of candy
Hey, I have an
idea, let's have
a bake sale

This team will
get it done
What? This hotel has free happy hour and food?????
Brought in more GP help

At the end of day........
We could all kick back, relax and...
Thank you!!!!
We worked hard, had fun, and definitely made an impact!
I'd rather
talk sports,
Let's discuss
We loved reports, really
Report Change?
What ! Another
report change?
Who is changing
the report
This disguise
should hide
me for a while
We will
need more
Save ES
me too,
dinner at
Seasons 52?
Forecast says
Casino Time,
Where's Ruth?
And, still save money at the hotel
You want me to leave
paradise and travel
where??? Plano, Texas?
The windows in Plano are
nothing like the view I have
I was
me too!!
I need to
procure a
bigger hat
Save some $$ = have some fun
Look, I
a "USED" phone
No maintenance
spend in here
Collaborated via Halo
Hee Hee I
am hiding
Bowling for $$$$
have fun!!!
Accelerate Airlines
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