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Women Spies of the Civil War

Allan Pinkerton had a detective agency that employed both men and women.

beecca lowers

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Women Spies of the Civil War

Double click anywhere & add an idea Belle Boyd was a woman spy for the Confederate army. She was born in Martinsburg (which now is part of West Virginia). When she killed an abusive Union soldier, her charm saved her from being punished. She also helped Jackson's troops to save the bridges at Front Royal. She was the most famous of the female Confederate spies. Confederate Women Spies of the Civil War Rose O'Neal Greenhow was born in Maryland, she married a physician & historian in 1835, and together they had a daughter. She was imprisoned in January of 1862 but still got information to the confederates. She accidentally drowned on her way home from England. Her friends were all former presidents, senators, and generals. Loreta Janeta Velazquez was born in Cuba and was educated in New Orleans. She married a U.S. officer in 1856, at age 14. She followed her husband into war and was disguised as Lt. Harry Buford. Once she was found to be a woman in 1863, she worked as spy for the Confederates, and ended up writing a book called The Woman in Battle. From what is known about Nancy Hart she was probably born in North Carolina. Most of the work she did happened around her home. She was married and had children but still worked as a confederate spy. Her husband was a Georgia lieutenant and so she was left alone to keep her and her children safe. Some of the spy work she did was dress up as a man and go into other camps to get information.
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