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Copy of 07.09 Leadership and Organization.

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tamia d

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Copy of 07.09 Leadership and Organization.

Lab Questions.
1. What word Kiran Birsethi like? Why do you think she likes this word particaluar word? The word is contagious, contagious can come from a lot of roots, like love, passion and it get can affected by another person, It prcocess with "I can." and she liked the word because she was contagious when she was 17 by her teacher.

2. What are thress stages or the learning journey that kiran Birsethi talks about exaplin how she encouraged this journey with her students and what happpend? The thress stages are to aware the changed, she made a flim about how she took these children to experment these stages and the children can feel and image and do the experiment, She encouraged this journey with her students by telling the children to do it to "I can do it."

Kills creativity
1. What does Ken Robinson believe in creativity? Why? Creativity is as important in edcaution and we should treat as in respect. 2. what advantages do children have in being creative? Well, you are born artist, so every children has the advantages of being something different in this world, that has not brought yet. and As, an adult, your creativity grows out
. 3. Do you agree with Robinson's point that schools do not have value creavtivity? Why or why not? I do not agree because school lets us be ourselves and let us open oursevles with music,art and express our creativity.
4.. How can parents encourage creatvity?When you let them play, dont push a certain toy, or specific activity, let them free play, let them explore what they want, even if it is spreading diapers all over the floor. Just watch them, it's really need to see what they come up with, and to see how vivid their immaginations are. . Color on a blank sheet of paper, no coloring books, no lines, just a blank sheet of paper. Legos are great creativity builders, just give them a big box of legos and let them build (depending on age you may have to show them how to snap them together, but it wont take long) Play dress up, either in your old clothes or some halloween costumes, let them pick out what they wear and who they are, super heroes or princesses, I dress up to with my daughter and we have a blast!
Play doh! It's messy so we do it outside, but my kids love to mold and mush together stuff. They make little people or animals, or new noses for themselves, it's really cute. (again leave them on their own to make whatever they want)

Lab Questions
3. How did the children changed the city that they lived in and changed India? The children changed the city that they in live by every month they city closes down the busiest streets for traffic and converts into a playground for children and you call it "Affecting ahmendaxbad."
4. If you wanted to change one thing about the place you live, what would you want to soultion you have for the change? If i had the power, I think that i would slow down techolongy and make sure we do not use that much techolongy we have and use actually things to play with or actually have a convo with someone rather than texting each other.
07.09 Leadership and Organization. By Danielle R.
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