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GoPro Epic Big Data

No description

Al Shain

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of GoPro Epic Big Data

The World's Most Versatile Camera
The Challenge
A New Age of Data Engineering
GoPro's biggest advantage over their competitors is their strong brand identity, customer loyalty, and innovation.

GoPro cameras are digitally connected - data is uploaded to the cloud, and includes not only usage data, but geo locations, camera errors, battery performance.

GoPro manufacturing is digitally connected - machine sensors, performance yield, and anomalies generate 50GB of daily data.

The Keys to the Cloud
Big Data In the Cloud Technology
Objectives and Milestones
Continue to Innovate
Continue to grow. Continue supporting the partners, and provide retailers with a huge growth opportunity and revenue stream.
Give customers a more seamless path from documentation to edit, sharing and storing content.
Share the World through amazing content

Big Data Environment - Scaleable, Flexible, Efficient
Big Data in the Cloud is meeting the challenges of the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information.
Marketing Strategies
GoPro markets all cultures to make it authentic

Recognize that the true power of social technology is not the ability to promote and sell your product to an individual, but rather to inspire a customer to talk about your product to somebody else.
Celebrate User-generated content
What GoPro did so well was to position the brand in the service of the customer from the get-go.
Allowing the brand to be a platform
Authentic to every customer
We live in a digital world where everything is connected, people, applications, and corporations have a voracious appetite for data & knowledge of predictable outcomes. This is why there is a combination of Big Data and Analytics and its going to consume all things data, and the winners will be the best of systems that allow users direct access to petabytes of knowledge, not from one database but from a cloud that spans the globe.
Businesses are refocusing their efforts not to engineer new solutions from scratch, but to use data driven engineering solutions to reshape their enterprise.
Can we analyze streaming data from manufacturing and combine customer camera performance data to drive improvements, understand our customer usage, and predict issues before the customer reports them?
What can we learn from digital image data? And how do we combine the knowledge gained with legacy data?
Setting up a Big Data Enivroment in the Cloud has never been easier.
AWS Solutions cover the full-life cycle of Big Data
GoPro EPIC Data Engineering
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