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Lynx Reading Literary Analysis Prezi

No description

Layne Symington

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Lynx Reading Literary Analysis Prezi

PEAK By: Roland Smith By: Layne Symington Pd. 3 Bibliographic Information: Title of Book: Peak
Author: Roland Smith
Number of pages: 246pgs. Setting: *New York City
*Kathmandu Point of View 1 person narrator st Conflicts Person vs. Nature TERRIBLE Weather Conditions Person vs. Person *Major arguments
about climbing. Theme: I think that the theme is about home and family are what is important and real. Everything else in life are just little details that sometimes don't matter. Plot Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Introduce charaters
and present "hook"-
getting arrested from
climbing. Finding out about climbing
Everest with his father. Letting Sun-jo be
the youngest to
summit. Getting "escorted"
down the mountain, and
going back to New York
City. Spending his birthday with his
twin sisters and their birthday,
having things finally settle back
down. Person Review. In my opinion I thought Peak is an excellent book. I love this book so much that this is the second time that I am reading this. I even recommened it to a few people myself.
Just the way the author paces what happens and keeps you anicipating the character's next move. Making Connections. This book connects to other events going on around the world. Other people climb Mount Everest; some make it, or some don't. Some people have accidents on
the mountain. [actual quote from
Peak.] "Nobody thinks that they
are climbing up and then
just climbing back
down alive." Hope you enjoyed.
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