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No description

jake arredondo

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of gangs

Gangs Famous gangs History Types of gangs Behaviors Asasinations Sexual slave distiling Political riging Vandalism Violence Been around since begining of man. Humans have always organized into groups of various sizes and creeds. Young gangs Vandalism gangs Wanna be gangs Country mafias Crips Hells angels Local gangs Apple dumplings American gangs started to be organized more in the 1800's. Five pionts gang (al capone scarface) Drug dealing Mysterious gang that will throw apples at you, a certain teacher at riverveiw middle school is suspected to be leader, her neice addison is probably heir to the gang. Some common ones would be the russian mafia or mexican mafia. Their motto is " When we do good nobody remembers, when we do wrong nobody forgets". Panda bears Found in Los angeles california. Multi purpose gangs Prison gangs Warning! : not to be confused with mafia wars on facebook side effects may include ; deadness, full of bullet holes, mounds of debt, and cement shoes with a free deep river to try out your new cement shoes in.
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