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Measurement Scavenger Hunt

A math project.

William Rowley

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Measurement Scavenger Hunt By William Rowley 1. Duct Tape Kit Standard:10yd L x 1 7/8in. W
Metric:9.1m L x 4.7cm W LENGTH CAPACITY V8 V-fusion sparkling
Tangerine Raspberry Standard: 8.4 FL. OZ.
Metric: 248 mL MASS Belvita Breakfast chocolate
breakfast biscuits Standard: 8.8 oz.
Metric: 250g 2. 4. United States of America-standard
Myanmar-Burmese system 5. Wichita, KS to Kansas City, MO miles: 199 kilometers: 321 Baltimore, MD to Paris, France miles: 3801 kilometers: 6115.81 Los Angeles, CA to Tokyo, Japan miles: 5445 kilometers: 8761.01 9. Italy: 1.684 euros per liter Wichita: 2.99 dollars per gallon It is cheaper in Wichita because 1.684 euros per liter equals 8.48 dollars per gallon. 10. 11. 12. The main difference between the metric and the standard system is where they originated. The standard system was created by the Egyptians before the metric system was created. The standard system was based on the length of hands, toes and weight of stones. The more modern metric system, is based on multiples of tens. The United States does not use the metric system because of an effort to change to metric in the 1970's. That effort failed because the cost and effort to change the equipment was too great. However, nowadays, companies use the metric and standard system on most products. Scientists prefer to use the metric system due to it's global application. It is much simpler to perform calculations on the metric system as it's based on 10s. The metric system also has four units meters, grams, liters, and candelas. This makes it easier for other scientists to work together and understand each other. 60 x 1.60934=
96.5604 kilometers per hour. The speed limit on Kellogg in metrics is 96.5604 kilometers per hour. Thank You
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