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SUBWAY Market Research

This is my market research presentation for SUBWAY.

Josh Massey

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of SUBWAY Market Research

The questions were:

What is your favourite SUB?
What is your favourite bread?
If you could have the perfect SUB what would be in it?
Does anyone else in your family eat SUBWAY?
Which age range are you in?
What do you like about the SUBWAY brand? Primary Research Here you can see that the Meatball option is the
favourite amongst the customers. What is your favourite SUB? You can see that the majority of people questioned, like Chillis, Cheese, Sweetcorn and Tuna in their SUB's If you could have the perfect SUB what would be in it? Here you can see that the Italian Herb and Cheese is by far the most popular option. What is your favourite bread? The majority of people said that they like the fact every SUBWAY branch has friendly staff. What do you like about the SUBWAY brand? I did a number of things for my Primary Research, however the majority of this was a survey/questionnaire where I asked SUBWAY customers a number of questions that would help me in designing my SUB. Which age range are
you in? The majority of people do have others in their family who eat there. Does anyone else in your family eat SUBWAY? The majority of these clients are between
16 and 30. Which age range are
you in? Overall Findings From this I can conclude that I have a few target markets for my SUB.

I should aim at people between the ages of 16 and 30, and are likely to have young families. This means that by bringiong in one member of the family, we can bring in other family members. This would mean that SUBWAY would make a lot of money, just from one family.

Secondly, it has shown that the Italian Herbs and Cheese bread is the most popular option, however I do not want to limit the bread choice on my SUB. I have now gathered a lot of information about peoples
favourite SUB, their favourite bread, and their perfect SUB.

This enables me to use this data that I have collected and
develop my SUB to fit in with these findings. What went well? Unfortunately our rsesearch did not back our idea for the SUB, however we have decided to continue with our initial idea, due to the fact that we ran our idea through Bob, who is a SUWAY franchisee and also sits on the marketing board at SUBWAY, therefore we felt that his opinion means a lot to us, and because he liked it and gave us a lot to think about, we have decided to run with it. What didn't go so
well? Although my survey did not back up the ideas that I have had,

I have decided to adapt my original idea so that I keep that, but I am also going top use some of the components that I learnt about from my market research.

Therefore I will get the best of both worlds, because I know that my original idea is very original and nobody else has done it, as well as the fact that I know people will use it because it incorporates the diiffrent things that I know people like from my research. Recommendations My SUBWAY Market Research Presentation I also carried out some secondary research so that I could gain a better feel for the target market and audience etc.

Secondary research is using research that somebody else has already done, so for this I looked on the SUBWAY website, found an article in a catering magazine, and looked at some SUBWAY leaflets that they give out in their stores.

From this I have concluded the below:

- SUBWAY is a very well recognised brand that has won nu,erous awards for promoting and selling healthy foods and eating.

- SUBWAY have a very strong brand that is visible to everyone, and as soon as you see anything to do with it, you automatically know that it is SUBWAY. This is exactly how you want your brand to come across, with a strong brand image. Secondary Research
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