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My vision of innovation (Pavel Andreevski)

Scholarship contest for Winter European Innovative Forum Academy 2013

Pavel Andreevski

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of My vision of innovation (Pavel Andreevski)

Hello, my name is Pavel Andreevski
I'm from Belarus I have finished university this year and now I'm preparing to run my own innovative business;
The concept of business could be formulated as an "innovation start-up students business incubator";
The main idea is to join and to push students with an entrepreneurial and innovative way of thinking to implement their ideas. What does innovation mean for me? Why do I want to join
the Academy? Winter European Innovation Academy 2013 Who am I ? My mission is to join people with ideas, to create special environment for them to action, to inspire them to be entrepreneurs, to help them with consulting and networking;
I have finished faculty of economics and management;
I'm working as an IT-manager in a construction-furniture holding;
I have a lot of ideas to work on but unfortunately have only one life));
I'm founding a start-up students business incubator in cooperation with my university;
At this moment we developing two innovative business ideas:
Interactive tourist website for Belorussian biggest cities;
SaaS decision for small and middle business to automatize the process of assets accounting. The timetable of Academy looks like it was designed specially for me since it covers all main fields of my interests:
So it will be a great opportunity to improve, share and gain new knowledge for me. Innovation for me means:
making products which doesn't have any analogs;
something that makes life easier with simple and creative decisions;
the result of human intellectual activity with was demanded by the market and helped to improve the quality of life. Being innovative thinker means:
look at the world around and search for possibilities to improve some imperfectness in it;
to be creative and self confident in order to act when the idea come to your mind and only then decide possible problems;
think at first about people which will use your product, about the advantages they will get from it and only after that to think about advantages you will be able to get from it. The most important thing is to meet with people which have the same interests and to create networking; Since I'm just starting my business projects I have a lot of question to ask and actively look for mentors who will able to consult me. I hope that professors and lecturers of the Academy will be able to help me with it. There is nothing better than to learn from people and companies which have achieved success and that's why practical experience and business models of really successful products, their marketing and strategy could become the source of inspiration and the source of new ideas in my own business. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me

e-mail: Andreevski_Pavel@mail.ru
skype: Andreevski_Pavel Thank you for your attention!
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