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Spanish Government Presentation

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Laetitia Fernandez

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Government Presentation

Spanish Government By: Tishi Fernandez What Type Of Government Spain Has The Type of Government is a Constitutional Monarchy A constitutional monarchy is a government that has a King and/or Queen, but also has a Prime Minister. The Prime Minster in Spain runs the government. A constitutional monarchy also has a constitution, which limits the power of the Prime Minister and King and/or Queen. They have had that constitution since 1978. This is different from a absolute monarchy because an absolute monarchy would be that the monarch has the power in the state and is not bound by any constitution and has the powers to regulate his or her respective government What is the Title Of The Leader The title of the Prime Minister is Leader of the Government of Spain. But the people would call him Presidente in Spanish. In English that means President. The current Prime Minister is called Mariano Rajoy. He has been Prime Minister since December 21, 2011. There is no limit on how long the Prime Minister can stay, but every four years there is a re-election and depending on the majority of the "party" he or she will become Prime Minister again. What is a
"Party?" Parliament is made up of political parties .
These political parties are made up of people representing a certain district/province of the country. There are different political parties because every party has their own view/belief on how the government should be run. This is a Diagram that shows the Spanish Government Who Has power and How Much Power? King
His powers come from the constitution Citizenship There are three ways you can be a citizen 1. Birth
You are born in Spain but you have to be born of Spanish parents. If you are born in Spain but not of Spanish parents you are not a Spanish citizen. 2. Naturalization
If you lived in one of Spain's former colonies (like the Philippines) and you moved to Spain as a legal resident, after two years you can apply for Spanish citizenship. 3. Family
Any descendants of Spanish citizens could apply for Spanish Citizenship without renouncing their current citizenship. What Is Life Like in Spain? Interesting Facts
About Spain Summary Bibliography The King Education Family The Queen King Juan Carlos I Queen Sophia Heir To The Throne Future Queen of Spain She has the same name as me, just a different spelling . My name is Maria Laetitia Ortiz Fernandez Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d.Web. 09 March. 2013 The Prime Minister cannot make laws, he cannot ask and make questions regarding the law, he cannot pass laws that Parliament makes. But what he can do is, together with the other ministers of government departments, administer/carry out/execute the operations of the government, he also runs the government. Mariano Rajoy Spain has a constitutional monarchy which means there is a King and Queen and a Prime Minister. There is also a constitution and it has been there since 1978. There are three branches the legislative, executive and judicial. A Prime Minister can run for as long as he wants as long as his party wins. There are three ways to become a citizen of Spain
Birth from spanish parents, Naturalization you have lived in Spain's former colonies,
and last if you are a descendant of a
Spanish citizen. Thanks For Watching I Hope you Learned something more about Spain Passport If you become a Spanish citizen you get a Schengen passport and that is a special passport that allows you to go to certain countries without a visa. Countries include 26 countries in Europe, Spain, Portugal, France Italy, Greece, Germany, Finland and more. Three more countries that may be included in the European Union are Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The only countries that are not part of the EU are England, Scotland and Ireland. Prince Felipe Princess Letizia Spanish Economic Crisis Spain is now in a financial crisis, the same as a lot of Southern European countries. They have little money right now and many Spanish banks can't pay their loans. It started around 2005, when Spain borrowed a lot of money and lent money to companies to build houses,apartments, etc. But in 2008 the companies that borrowed money could not pay the banks because they could not sell the houses, apartments, etc. Up to now houses and apartments can not be sold because people have no money. About the Prime Minister What the Prime Minister can and cannot do Spanish Constitution Tribunal Constitutional Monarchy Legislative Executive Judicial Spain Is A Functions Government Apply the laws and govern the country Pass the laws and enforce them Judge those that do not follow the law Parliament Powers
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
Represents Spain internationally
Symbol of unity for the entire country which is made up of many provinces
Ceremonial duties
Can call a referendum as provided in the constitution Located in Southwestern Europe
State of the European Union
Fifth largest country in Europe
Population 47,150,819
Language is Spanish, second most spoken language in the world
Other languages in Spain are a)Basque - Northern area like San Sebastian, Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz
b)Catalan- Eastern area like Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Reus
c)Galician- Galicia Born January 5, 1938 in Rome, Italy Su Majestad Rey Juan Carlos l Parents : Princess Maria Mercedes of Bourbon and Juan, Count of Barcelona Siblings: Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz-1936 Infanta Margarita, Duchess of Soria-1939 Infante Alfonso- 1941- 1956
from a gun accident General Military Academy at Zaragoza- 1955- 1957 Naval Military School at Marin, Pontevedra- 1957-58 General Academy of the Air at San Javier, University of Madrid- 1958-59 Law, International Political Economy and Public Finance at Complutense University- 1960-61 Moved to Spain 1948 Began his studies in San Sebastian 1948 and finished in 1954 in San Isidro institute in Madrid Became King November 22, 1975 Early education was in Switzerland Married Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark on May 14, 1962 They have three children: Infanta Elena 1963
Infanta Cristina 1965
Principe Felipe 1968 They have eight grandchildren: Infanta Elena - Felipe, Victoria Infanta Cristina - Juan, Pablo, Miguel, Irene Principe Felipe - Leonor, Sofia Reyna Sophia of Greece and Denmark Born in Athens, Greece on November 2, 1938 Eldest child of King Paul of Greece and Queen Frederika Siblings: Constantine ll of Greece Irene of Greece and Denmark Education: Early education in Egypt, South Africa and Greece
Finished school in Germany
Studied child care, music and archeology When she married the King, she changed religion from Greek Orthodox to Catholic Felipe, Principe de Asturias Born in Madrid, Spain on January 30, 1968. He is now 45 years old He studied, like his father, in the Naval, Air Force, Military He will become King when his father retires or dies He married a commoner, Letizia Ortiz in 2004 Letizia Ortiz She is a commoner which means she has no royal blood Born on September 15, 1972 in Oviedo, Asturias She was a journalist by profession Her marriage to Prince Felipe is her second marriage She was married to Alfonso Guerrero Perez on 1998, but divorced in 1999 "SPAIN ROYAL FAMILY." SPAIN ROYAL FAMILY. N.p. n.d. Web 14 Mar. 2013. "Spanish Citizenship and Dual Nationality." : How to become a Spanish citizen: Spain Expat. N.p. n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2013 Coat of Arms "Spain Flag." Spain Flag. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2013.
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