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Mentos in Different Sodas

No description

Grace Brotherton

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Mentos in Different Sodas

Mentos in Different Sodas
- If two mentos are placed into Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and Diet Coke, then the Mountain Dew and Mentos will produce the highest reaction.
-Discover how sugar affects the webbing on water molecules.
- See how the scientific method can be applied in a creative way.

- Some scientists had outstanding results like the one pictured to the right.
- A lot of experiments resulted in building high explosions.
-As you can imagine, our expectations were pretty high going in.

Dr. Pepper Results
- Our first reaction was less than pleasing.
- The soda traveled a mere 1 inch!
- This produced the lowest reaction.
Dr. Pepper Before Experiment
-Buy one 20 fluid ounce bottle of each soda type (Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Diet Coke) and a roll of mentos.
-Place the Dr. Pepper bottle on a flat surface against a wall marked in inches.
- Carefully place two mentos into the opening of the Dr. Pepper bottle.
Procedures Continued
- Stand back and record the inches the soda traveled to.
- Repeat with the other two sodas.
Diet Coke Results
- This time the soda traveled to a foot and 6 inches.
- This was the highest reaction we had gotten.
Diet Coke Before Experiment
Mountain Dew Results
-This one was not much better!
-The soda traveled only 2 inches.
- This soda produced the second lowest reaction of all of the sodas.
Mountain Dew Before Experiment
Overall Results
- Our hypothesis proved to be completely incorrect.
- The Diet Coke produced the highest reaction by far.
Further Experiments
-All diet sodas?
- All regular soda?
- Test one type of soda and test different amount of mentos?
- Measure ounces rather than height?
Procedural Errors
-measured my sight
-measured against grooved wall
Amount of Soda
Type of surroundings
Mento Explosion!
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