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Chelation Therapy

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Katelyn Casserly

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Chelation Therapy

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Origin of therapy
was created and researched by Alfred Werner
When this therapy was first announced, it was targeted for the soldiers at war due to the amount of lead poisonings. As well as soldiers, the navy seals that dealt with the ship's paint also had to undergo these practices due to the lead in the paint.

Nowadays, people that deal with coal (miners), mercury, lead, or any other heavy metals and minerals may find themselves at risk and might have to go through this procedure. Autistic patients also typically recieve chelation therapy.
Conjunction with another CAM?
No, however, this procedure is also teamed up with several different nutrients when it goes through the bodies system.

Chelation therapy
The base line of this therapy is an administration of a man made protein like substance that is mixed with several other nutrients, that is then injected intravenously. This process typically takes up to 24 hours to complete because of the nutrients travel through the blood vessels, organs, bodily tissues and cells. Once the metal atoms "lock" in with the added nutrients, this protein will cause the dangerous substances to be excreted through a normally body function, usually urine.

Chelation Therapy
Katelyn Casserly

Is there a conjunction with western medicine?
Yes, you can find that this procedure is widely spread and has many useful purposes. In cases of autism, many patients have experienced a relief of their symptoms due to this therapy. Chelation is also used a lot in cases of atherosclerosis due to its ability to renew blood flow and assist in clearing clogged arteries.
Chelation therapy was introduced in the early 1900's in the country of Germany, and later became researched in the United States in 1940.
Certain physicians and autism specialists have access to this practice
Who uses chelation therapy?
Pro's and Cons
helps arthritis
helps renew blood flow
can save you from mercury and lead poisoning
can help treat/cure autism
helps treat atherosclerosis
results in low white blood cell count
can cause anemia
can cause liver or kidney damage
I would personally use this type of alternative medicine because i feel as if it promotes more benefits than cons. I also like that this therapy isn't too invasive.
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