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The Farrar Family History

No description

Ron Barnett

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of The Farrar Family History

A Collision With Destiny
Our Farrar Family History
Alexander Travis Farrar
Mary Hill Farrar
Jacob Albert Hill
Susan Farrar Barnett
Richard Joy Farrar
William Albert Farrar
Alexander Travis Farrar
1926 - 1983
1883 - 1972
1842 - 1922
Rev William Malone Farrar
Abner Farrar
Thomas Jefferson Farrar
George Farrar
1809 - 1883
1768 - 1841
1726 - 1809
1695 - 1772
Major William Farrar
Col William Farrar
Captain William Farrar
1657 - 1721
1627 - 1677
1583 - 1636
Judith Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson II
Peter Jefferson
Pres Thomas Jefferson
1743 - 1826
Thomas Farrar
Katherine Farrar
John Barnett
Joseph Barnett
Joseph Royal Barnett
John Douglas Barnett, Jr
John Douglas Barnett, Sr
Jorial Barnett
Richard Barnett
Anson Carrington Barnett
Ron Barnett
Christopher Columbus
The Virginia
Captain John Smith
1622 Massacre
William Farrar flees Henrico
Jordans Journey
Cecily Reynolds Bayley Jordan Farrar...
First Breach of Promise Law Suit in the New World
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