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Politics in 1990's Nigeria

No description

georgia balls

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Politics in 1990's Nigeria

Politics in 1990's Nigeria
Politics in Nigeria
Gained independence from Britain in 1960
Deemed democratic system
Parties were ethnic and religious
Sani Abacha
General and Nigerian military dictator
1993 - 98
Ceased power and promised a better country
Human Rights Abuses & Corruption
Hung activists
Jailed others for treason

Its said that £5 billion from the country went to him and his family - only £1.2billion was returned

Make laws to ban other political parties
During the election in 1998, that Abacha had secured himself to win, he died of a heart attack.

He was with two prostitutes imported from Dubai - its said that they laced his drink with poison.
Current State
After 7 military regimes...

Federal Republic
National, state and local tiers

President Goodluck Jonathan
- Peoples Democratic Party
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