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The House of Bernarda Alba

No description

Daniel Zhou

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of The House of Bernarda Alba

The House of Bernarda Alba

The Author
Federico García Lorca
-A Spanish poet, play wright and a threatre director.
-Garcia was appointed as a director of a university student theatre.
-Was funded by the Ministry of Education to tour around Spain in the most rural areas to introduce modern interpretatios to classic Spanish theater. (Free)
-Lorca was arrested and killed my the nationalist militia months after finishing THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA .
My Poem

Lorca Who?
No one Knows
Just like every other
Murdered monarchist who opposed

The End
Brief Summary of The House of Bernarda Alba
-Starts when Bernarda Alba's husbands death cause the whole house to mourn.
-She has 5 daughter, one of which is Augustias the oldest which inherited the large sum of money, rest of the daughters get little to nothing.
-The wealth Angustias has attracted a young man named Pepe (quite obvious a gold digger).
-The Sisters are jealous because she is allowed majority of the inheritance, freedom to marry and freedom to escape the suffocating home enviroment.
-Adela a rebel is having an affair a secret affair with Pepe.
-Bernarda takes a gun and tries to shoot Pepe (misses) and Adela hanged herself not knowing the Pepe survivied.
-Ends with Bernarda insisting that Adela died a virgin and announced to the whole town.
How is The House of Bernarda Alba an extended metaphor/allegory for Franco's Spain
Francisco Franco
-Franco was a spanish General and a dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975.
-He was the youngest general in Spain and one of the youngest in Europe.
-Was moved when the monarchy was removed and replaced as a republic.
-The Conservative won by a narrow margin which lead Franco and several other generals to stage a successful coup leading to the Spanish Civil War, with the deaths of most of the generals, Franco became the leader. He then established a Autocratic Dictatorship (absolute ruler).
-His ruling caused mutiple violent acts. There were many concentration camps, labour forces and even executions on several political and ideological enemies.
-This cause over 300,000 deaths.

When Lorca wrote the book during the rise of Franco.
Lorca wanted to Signify the wrong doings of Franco and how he rules his country in an iron fist just like how Bernarda rules over her daughters
"A woman's place is home".
(Iron Fist: absolute control over everything)

Just like Franco, Bernarda uses money as a means to make herself superior to others but also making the towns folk unworthy of her daughters.
Did You Know?
Lorca wrote this book around the same time Francisco Franco started his ruling

What is a Cinquain Poem?

A cinquain consists of five unrhymed lines.

Line 1: 2 syllables

Line 2: 4 syllables

Line 3: 6 syllables

Line 4: 8 syllables

Line 5: 2 syllables
-Lorca is symbolized in House of bernarda almost like Adela who tries to rebel against the power.
-However two of them met a similar end.
-Lorca is arrested then killed and Adela commits suicide.
-Both in the name of freedom and literature.
“In Spain the dead are more alive than the dead
of any other country in the world.”
-Federico García Lorca

Dead People who have died fighting for freedom are among the most to feel alive.
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