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Polyphemus and the Cyclopes

Greek Mythology

Meryl Wiebrecht

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Polyphemus and the Cyclopes

Polyphemus and Cyclops After the Trojan War, Odysseus and his men find an unknown island. While exploring the island, they find a cave. The men find a cave. After making an offering, Odysseus's men urge Odysseus to leave because they know a monster lives in the cave. Odysseus and his men build a fire and make a sacrifice to their god. Odysses didn't listen, he wanted
to see the monster that lived there. After they were done eating, Odysseus's men urged Odysseus to leave. The cyclops's name was Polyphemus. Polyphemus was the son of Thoosa and Poseidon. When Polyphemus returned to his cave, he immediately put a rock in front of the entrance. The rock was much too big for the men to move. When Polyphemus saw the men, he quickly grabbed two and ate them. After eating the men, Polyphemus became tired and fell asleep. He could either kill the giant while it was sleeping- or wait for it to wake up and think of a different plan. Since the men couldn't move the rock, they decided to think of a plan when the monster woke up. Odysseus chose to let the cyclops sleep. When the cyclops awoke, it ate another two of the men. When Polyphemus was done eating, he herded the sheep outside to graze. Odysses had a plan. Odysses found a stick and sharpened it to a point and hardened it over a fire. Odysseus said no, he heard that cyclops lived in caves like this and wanted to see what one looked like. He also brought strong wine to offer to the cyclops in exchange for hospitality. When Polyphemus returned, he ate two more men. When he was done eating, Odysseus told Polyphemus that he had a present for him. Polyphemus then asked Odysseus what his name was. Odysseus was very clever and said his name was "nobody". Polyphemus started to laugh and said that as a gift, he would eat "nobody" last. Polyphemus was not very smart and also was very drunk so he fell for Odysseus's trick completely. The men grabbed the sharpened stick they had made and put it in the fire one last time. When the stick was on fire, they shoved
it through Polyphemus's eye, blinding him. Hearing Polyphemus scream, his cyclops friends came running to help Polyphemus. Polyphemus began to yell help! "Nobody" is hurting me! Polyphemus was outraged. He pushed aside the rock to make sure the men hadn't escaped out the cave door. Polyphemus touched the top of each sheep to make sure the men weren't riding out on them. Odysseus and all of his men escaped! They quickly untied themselves and headed back to their boats. Polyphemus soon realized the men had escaped. He ran down to the shore and threw rocks at the ship. Odysseus realized that they were safe so he started to taunt the cyclops. Odysseus even yelled "If anyone asks, tell them Odysseus made you go blind." Polyphemus was furious. The rocks narrowly missed the ship. Polyphemus yelled out for help from his father, Poseidon. He asked for him to cause great storms so the men never get home. They decide to get off the ship and look for a place to stay for the night. He also planned on offering
the monster wine for
hospitality. Odysseus gave Polyphemus the strong wine he had brought. Polyphemus drank the entire bottle. Polyphemus passed out, drunk. They thought Polyphemus was going crazy because he kept yelling "Nobody is hurting me" so they left. When the rock was pushed aside, some of the sheep started to run out. Odysseus was ready for this, he had all of his men tied under the bellies of the sheep. Work Cited http://ancienthistory.about.com/cs/grecoromanmyth1/g/polyphemus.htm http://www.classicsunveiled.com/mythnet/html/polyphem.html http://suite101.com/article/odysseus-and-polyphemus-the-cyclops-a96295
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