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No description

M. Patzner

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Coyotes

Coyotes By: Michael Patzner Description About 25 inches tall
About 25_90 pounds ( depends on the coyote)
about 4 feet long
Long bushy tail with black tip
Long narrow face
fur on belly is white, stretching all the way to beneath the neck
they are light brown, grayish brown, or yellowish brown Some say its like a dog, some don't. now i have questions with no answers and I'm confused lets go look for some answers. habitat habitat ranges from North America, eastern Alaska, New England, Mexico, and to Panama
den is usually burrow in ground, tree or bush, rock shelter/overhang (above) sometimes adapt to live in cities or towns
have a central den for sleeping and having pups
mom coyotes scent mark area around central den for protection Food They're omnivores but mostly carnivores
They're also scavengers so they'll eat carcasses
main staple Rodents such as mice, raccoons, rats, moles, rabbits, groundhogs squirrels
They will also eat larger animals such as sheep,goat wounded or sick deer, and wounded or sick antelope
Miscellaneous things they eat fish, lizards, frogs, porcupine, ripe fruit, birds, and garbage scraps How do they catch and eat food
very sharp teeth (right)
very fast (can run up to 40 mph)
Very good sense of smell and hearing
can detect predators ( such as hunters) from almost a mile away Enemies #1 threat= HUMANS!!!!!! Factual Coyotes. http://www.kidsop.com/coyotefact.htm Source bears, wolves, Disease/sickness, cars, mountain lions, bobcats, habitat destruction Defense Mechanism 1) very good swimmers
sometime swim to get away from predators
2) very sharp teeth
3) very fast (can run up to 40 mph
4)very good sense of smell and hearing (can detect predators such as hunters from almost a mile away) Reproduction Start breeding around 1 to 2 years old
Mate for life means find one mate, stay and mate with them for your whole life
Mating season around February-January
Mothers stay in pregnancy for about 60 days
usually 5 to 7 pups in a litter
Mothers scent mark area around central den (where pups are born) for protection Closing All in all coyotes are very much like dogs and have a very good diversity of traits. There were a lot of Questions I had to Drive my research. I found all the answers to my questions while doing this project. It was fun and I learned a lot of interesting things.
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