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The Trip by Laila Lalami

Made by: Sebastián Meda, Kayleigh Rodríguez, Sebastian Gómez

Sebastian Meda

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Trip by Laila Lalami

The Trip
Murad: An African man that doesn’t have a lot of money and wishes to live in Spain.
Faten: Eighteen-Nineteen year old girl who wears a hijab and is sulky. She sits to the left of Murad.
Aziz: A tall and lanky man who is attempting, for the second time, to cross the border. He sits across from Murad.
Scarface: A middle-aged man with greasy hair and a scar across his cheek. He was a tennis instructor and has a very strong build. He sits next to Aziz.
Mouna: A ten-year old girl that looks older. She has big, shinny eyes and sits next to Scarface.
Rising Events
• Murad and other people head toward Spain for a better future. There is little space and the boat stops working. The boat finally works and they slowly head towards the border.
A group of young Moroccans immigrants seeking a better life in Spain cross the Strait of Gibraltar on a lifeboat. When it capsizes near shore, it is everyone for themselves. They struggle to get to the city, but the guards get our main character before he could get there.
Rahal tells everyone to leave the boat, and because of the angry movements of the people, the zodiac turns over and all the passengers end up in the water.
Flashback #1

Once, when Murad was ten years old, he went mussel picking with his father at the beach in Al Hoceima. Murad began to pick some mussels inside a hollow rock. A wave suddenly filled the hole and flushed him out, but his father managed to grab Murad.
Conflicrs "Characters vs Characters"
• The African woman throws up on Faten´s boots. The boat reeks of vomit and there is a putrid smell.
• Halima sits up and makes the boat wobble. Rahal yells at her to sit down and Murad tells Rahal to leave her alone.
• Faten begins to cry and causes other people to cry. Scarface yells at her to be quite and Halima tells him to stop. Scarface continues yelling at Faten until Murad tells Scarface to be quiet and Scarface gets angry with him.
Fourteen kilometers divide Murad from the brighter future that he could have if he moved to Spain. He wonders if those fourteen kilometers are worth the risk.
Halima: Mouna’s mother. She has an aura of quiet determination and is protective of her three children.
African woman: A slender woman with her hair tied in a ponytail. She is Guinean, and sits to Aziz’s right.
Rahal: The captain of the little zodiac, who charges a great amount to the passengers.
Guardia Civil officer: His name is Martinez, and he wears fatigues and a black beret.
Lawyer: A woman in a dark business suit and heels
Two prisoners: they share the cell with Murad, and are already there when he gets there. One of them sleeps on a mattress.
Setting #1
• Border:
-14 Kilometers
-Coast guards
-Ice-cold water

Setting #2
• Tonight the sea:
-Ice cold
-Slight wind
-Clear sky
Setting #3
˝• Zodiac inflatable:
-Six meters
-Fits eight people, thirty people are in it.
Setting #4
• Spanish coastline:
-Waves are inky black
-Hints of glistening white foam
-Like tombstones in a dark cemetery
Foreshadow #1
• Some time on the flimsy boat and then a job. He’ll work in the fields like everyone else, and then look for something better.
Setting #5
˝• Faten:
-Awkward atmosphere
Setting #6
• 250 meters from Tarifa:
-Calm water
-People begin to prepare themselves
Conflicts "Characters vs.Nature"
Murad battles the sea. There is a strong current and the waves are big.
Setting #7
•Spanish coast:
-Quietness in the air
-Sun is rising
-Sand and buildings a golden shade of orange
Conflicts "Characters vs Charcters"
Murad gets caught by a Guardia Civil, tries to escape, but gets caught again.
Setting #8
• Guardia Civil Post:
-Clock on the wall-six in the morning
-Dusty windows
-Metal chairs
Conflicts "Character vs Self"
Murad curses his own luck. He is mad at himself for getting caught, for not swimming further west.
Setting #9
• Cell:
-Other two prisoners
-One mattress
Falling Events
Murad swims to the shore and gets caught by a Guardia Civil. They arrive the Guardia Civil Post and wait for Murad's lawyer. Murad must sign a paper in which he uses a false name.
Murad will be sent back to Tangier tomorrow. All the money he spent was for nothing, and now he owes it all to his uncle.
Foreshadow #2
It will be hard to convince his mother, but she will sell her bracelets and Murad will get another trip. And next time, he´ll make it.
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